Mark Zuckerberg Talks Fragmenting Apps, Anonymous Facebook and... Poke

Ahead of Facebook's 10th anniversary on February 4th, Bloomberg Businessweek scored an interview with Mark Zuckerberg to chat about the company's future. Here are some choice cuts from the social network's head honcho, before you go read the whole thing. Read More >>

Bill Gates Thinks Zuckerberg's Philanthropic Connected World Goal is Rubbish

When you've got as much cash as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have stockpiled, you've got to give a little back (or a lot) before you end up drowning in gold coins Scrooge McDuck style. But not all philanthropic pursuits are created equal in Gates's eyes, with the ex-Microsoft boss going on the offensive in relation to the Facebook head-honcho's charitable interests. Read More >>

Mark Zuckerberg on the NSA Debacle, Facebook Home, and Sucking at IPOs

Speaking at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference Mark Zuckerberg has made his feelings known about the recent NSA scandal, pointing out that the government "blew it". Read More >>

Mark Zuckerberg Talks Home, the Future of Sharing and Life Outside Facebook

On the day Facebook launched its new software for Android, Home, WIRED scored an interview with Mark Zuckerberg in order to chat about the product and what the future holds. Here are some choice cuts from the Big Blue's head honcho, before you go read the whole thing. Read More >>

Holy Crap, Is This Mark Zuckerberg's Embarrassing Childhood Angelfire Website?

The word on the interwebs is that this 1999 Angelfire page belongs to one Mark Zuckerberg. Yes, that Mark Zuckerberg, which means this could be the very first website that the hoody that made Facebook ever created. If true, it's a time machine into the 15-year-old brain of the most powerful man on the Internet. Read More >>

Mark Zuckerberg, Pummelled and Posterized

OK, nobody actually beat up Mark Zuckerberg, but someone did plaster a series of posters that make it seem as though the Facebook founder had been beaten up. When in actuality it's the latest work of famed NYC graffiti artist KATSU. You might have seen his signature skulls or perhaps even his app before? Read More >>

What Is Tomorrow's Big Facebook Mystery?

Tomorrow, Facebook will reveal to the press what it's been "building." What could it be? Zuck rarely invites us to his corporate home, so it must be special—and here are our best guesses. Read More >>

You Can Send a Message to Zuckerberg's Inbox (For £65)

If you have something you feel you desperately need to tell Mark Zuckerberg, now might be a real good time. For the handsome sum of £65, you can send a message to Mark's Facebook inbox, without being automatically sent to spam. How nice. Read More >>

There's a Cookbook Starring Tech Startup Weirdos Because Not Even Food Is Safe

Hey kids! Get down here. We made Mrs. Zuckerberg's famous eggnog cinnamon chip scones! That's an example of something you could say in your own home but never will. Because you're never going to buy The Startup Chef, a collection of beloved recipes from tech entrepreneurs and their families. Just in time for the holidays, y'all. Read More >>

Vote On Facebook's New Policy Changes, Or You'll Never Get Another Chance

In response to users' feedback, Facebook is proposing a set of clarified governance and privacy policy changes, and they want you, the Facebook enthusiast, to vote on them once again! Read More >>

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Mark Zuckerberg on a Russian Late Night Talk Show Is Exactly as Awkward as You Think

Zuck's tour of the Red Menace just became zanier: after meeting with Russia's Prime Minister and giving him a t-shirt emblazoned with his Facebook URL, the IPO baller sat down with Russia's Jimmy Fallon. It's kind of hard to watch! Read More >>

Zuckerberg Rambling About Nothing for 30 Minutes Earned Facebook £4 Billion

Do you want to know what power is? Power is going up on a stage, yammering about very little for half an hour, and boom, a few days later you company is worth nearly £4 BILLION more than it was a few days ago. Read More >>

Facebook's Oldest User is a Whopping 101 Years Old

Yesterday Facebook announced their oldest registered user, Florence Detlor from California who is an astounding 101 years old. Not only that but she is also the oldest person to visit Facebook HQ in Silicon Valley. Read More >>

A Photo of Mark Zuckerberg's Nipples

A Facebook employee posted this picture of Zuck and a bunch of other shirtless dudes doing what shirtless dudes do best: stand around shirtless. The hoodie is gone. Just nips. Just chest hair. Just pure, unfiltered Zuck. Read More >>

Not Even Mark Zuckerberg Can Be Bothered to Use Facebook's Life Events

No one I know is using Facebook's Timeline Life Events. When Facebook introduced the feature with Timeline, I thought, yes, that could work great for historic brands and famous people, but for users? Why bother? It seems not even Mark Zuckerberg himself can be arsed with it, so why should you? Read More >>

Eduardo Saverin: There Are No Hard Feelings Between Me and Zuckerberg

Earlier this month, the cut-throat email that Zuckerberg sent to screw friend and Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin out of a large chunk of the company came to light. It wasn't pretty reading. Still, in one of his rare media appearances, Saverin appears not to hold a grudge. Read More >>


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