Android Wins 2013 With 68 Per Cent of European Smartphone Market

Analyst Kantar Worldpanel has done the maths for the smartphone sector over the last quarter of 2013, painting a rather rosy picture for Android. It topped the EU market share data with 68.6 per cent of sales during the final 12 weeks of 2013, while Windows Phone held its new third place slot with 10.3 per cent of European sales. Read More >>

Samsung Smartphones Outsell Apple, Nokia, Microsoft and BlackBerry Combined

New research into the state of the smartphone market paints Samsung in an even more favourable light, suggesting the Korean giant ships more phones around the world than all of its major competitors combined. Read More >>

Nearly Half of Smartphones Sold in Europe Now Made by Samsung

Research into the ever-growing smartphone scene has underlined just how dominant Samsung has become of late, with data suggesting nearly half of all smartphones sold over the last three months in the biggest EU countries were made by the Korean giant. Its winning combo of cheap clunkers and high-end devices is beating everyone else. Read More >>

Mobile Complaint Stats Say iPhone is Three Times as Reliable as Samsung's Galaxy Models

Data compiled and analysed by tech troubleshooting firm Fixya claims Apple's mobiles are a staggering three times more reliable than Samsung's phones, in a mass test involving Apple, Motorola, Samsung and Nokia Lumia models. Read More >>

RIM Claims Smartphone Market Share Win in December

BlackBerry maker RIM has issued a rather surprising boast, saying that it took the top spot for smartphone sales during December in the UK. Read More >>

Nokia: "Over One Million" Windows Phones Sold So Far

Nokia has just issued its financial data for Q4 of 2011, giving us our first look at how its effort with Microsoft is effecting the bottom line. Despite some recent mud-flinging regarding Windows Phone sales, it looks like it's started pretty well -- with Nokia claiming it's already sold over a million Lumia-branded phones. Read More >>


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