The Mystery of the Strange Vanishing Object on Mars Has Been Solved

Earlier this week, a strange silhouette appeared on one of the early pictures taken by the Mars Curiosity rover's Hazard-Avoidance Cams. Shortly after that picture was taken, the mysterious shadow was gone, causing a firestorm among conspiracy theorists worldwide. Read More >>

Mars Curiosity Is Your Excuse for Anything Today

You overslept; burnt your breakfast; spilt coffee down your shirt, and stumbled into work looking a wreck—a bit like every other Monday morning, just ten times worse. But that's OK, because you have an excuse: last night, you were watching history being made. Read More >>

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This Is Mars Curiosity's First Image

The Mars Curiosity Rover has landed successfully! And here's the first image, from the hazard cameras that will help it navigate through the surface of Mars. This is a phenomenal achievement. And here is its first image. Read More >>


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