You Can Listen to the Same Songs Mars Curiosity Wakes Up To

Every morning, when Mars Curiosity opens her amazing eyes, she plays a motivating, inspiring song to start the new sol, or martian day. Each track is delightful, and even though you're on Earth they're wonderful ways to kickstart yourself out of bed. Here's the full list from the JPL, and a Spotify playlist so you can rock out with the rover: Read More >>

Watch This NASA Spoof Celebrate The Curiosity Landing In Style

Take two-parts LMFAO, a healthy dose of NASA and a topping of Curiosity, and you get this brilliant spoof that's a fitting tribute to how badass NASA really is. I'm willing to bet the real NASA dudes can rock out like this too. [YouTube via Buzzfeed] Read More >>

The First Colour Photo of Martian Landscape from the Mars Curiosity Rover

Shooting a robot millions of miles from Earth and landing it on another planet is incredibly impressive and all, but it wasn't just an aeronautical physics experiment. We went there to collect data. Now we've got some: the first coluor images from Mars Curiosity. Read More >>

Mars Curiosity Is Your Excuse for Anything Today

You overslept; burnt your breakfast; spilt coffee down your shirt, and stumbled into work looking a wreck—a bit like every other Monday morning, just ten times worse. But that's OK, because you have an excuse: last night, you were watching history being made. Read More >>


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