Who Needs Campfires When Machines Can Perfectly Toast Marshmallows?

With a few modifications made to their egg decorating machine—including the addition of a compact oxy-fuel torch—the folks at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories were able to create what could possibly be the world's first automatic marshmallow toaster. Read More >>

A Face-Tracking Marshmallow Cannon Aims Straight For Your Mouth

Normally, you wouldn't want to have a cannon aimed at your face, much less a cannon that can see your face and follow it around. But a team of mechanical and electrical engineering students at Olin College decided to challenge that notion with their marshmallow-firing Confectionary Cannon. It's worth getting in this sucker's sights. Read More >>

Instagram-Printed Marshmallows: Equal Parts Delicious and Adorable

There are countless online services that will turn your Instagram photos into everything from business cards, to flipbooks, to coffee mugs. But Boomf has taken a wholly original approach to making hard copies of your digital photos—except they're not hard at all. The website will print your shots onto gourmet marshmallows letting you devour the photos of your favourite meals all over again. Read More >>

Booze-Infused Marshmallows Are the Logical Way to Improve Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate with marshmallows is perfect. But it has potential to be more perfect. How? With boozy marshmallows, of course. Read More >>

This Marshmallow Test Could Be Classed as Torture For Kids

Researchers were acting like big ol' meanies as they gave a group of kids a single marshmallow each, and told them they would get another one if they managed to resist eating the first for 20 minutes. Definitely mean. Read More >>


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