There are Marvel Studios Superhero Movies Mapped Out Until 2028

If you've had it up to the eyeballs with spandex and superpowers, look away now. The rest of you true believers, rejoice! Marvel Studios has superhero movies lined up until the year 2028. Read More >>

Here's the First Full-Length Trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy

We've been teased with visual eye candy already, but here's the whole shabang. It's everything you'd want in a space and sci-fi flick only way more funny. Chris Pratt, John C. Reilly and Peter Serafinowicz get most of the funny bits in the trailer while the rest of the cast of wacky monsters and creatures get the action sequences. Read More >>

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer is a Chilling Reminder of Spider-Man 3

And that, true believers, can only be a bad thing. On paper, Spider-Man 3 sounded like the greatest superhero movie ever, what with the webslinger going up against Sandman, Hobgoblin and Venom all in one popcorn-friendly flick. But the old adage of "too many cooks" also applies to "too many villains" and next year's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 seems to be falling into the same trap that made Spider-Man 3 a total train wreck. Read More >>

Netflix Bags Exclusive Rights to New Marvel Comics Daredevil and Luke Cage TV Shows

Netflix has scored quite a coup over its Amazon/Lovefilm and HBO Go TV streaming rivals, bagging the exclusive rights to a host of brand new shows based on Marvel comics superheroes. Daredevil -- sans Batfleck -- will return and finally, finally, Luke Cage is getting some live action love! Read More >>

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Comic Book God Stan Lee Explains His Beef With Superman

Though the world of comic book superheroes requires a suspension of disbelief, there are still rules even superheroes need to follow! Things just can't happen when they don't make sense! At least that's what comic book legend Stan Lee thinks. And if he thinks like that, we should listen. Here he explains why he really hates Superman. And it goes beyond Superman being boring. Read More >>

X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer Pits Mutant Pensioners Against Their Younger, Hairier Selves

Fassbender versus McKellan, Stewart versus McAvoy; young Magneto versus old Magneto, young Professor X versus bald Professor X. X-Men Days of Future Past looks as though it could be the X-Men film that would make for sticky pages between some comic book nerds collection's pages. And now we've got the first official trailer. Read More >>

"Iron Man Armour" to Create an Army of US Super-Soldiers

As if the thought of being targeted by a drone strike wasn't enough to strike fear into the hearts of those on the wrong side of US military aggression, the news that the US Army is planning to create a legion of soldiers equipped with real-life "Iron Man armour" surely will. I mean, a single Robert Downey Jr is more than enough for one planet, right? Read More >>

First Full View of the New X-Men Sentinel: Holy Crap They Nailed It

Earlier this week the first images of Peter Dinklage as Bolivar Trask surfaced for Bryan Singer's upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past. In addition to that tidbit of news, Singer tweeted out the following pic of a Trask-built Sentinel. Read More >>

Now You Can Watch Dumbo (and Other Disney Films) on Netflix

Craving a good dollop of Disney? Good, because Netflix has just landed a whole load of "exclusive" Disney movies, both classics and new stuff, for streaming in the UK. Included in the mix are Marvel films, stuff from Dreamworks, and things like Wall-E and Pirates of the Caribbean. Hopefully that means the Star Wars lot will make it too. Read More >>

The Futuristic Biology Tech at the Centre of Iron Man 3

Do you know what Extremis is? Unless you're an Iron Man nerd, probably not. But in the Marvel Universe, it's basically the biggest biological breakthrough ever, and a huge part of Iron Man 3. Light spoilers ahead, obviously. Read More >>

Marvel Is Giving Away 700 Free Comics to Everyone Again

Hey, look, free stuff! Marvel is taking another shot at giving away more than 700 #1 issues of its comics through its digital service. That's thousands of pounds of comics, for free. Read More >>

Watch Pepper Potts Finally Suit Up in This Kickass Iron Man 3 Teaser

As April 25th gets closer and closer, Marvel is starting to flood the airwaves with 30 second Iron Man 3 commercials, including this spot which reveals something fans have speculated since the first trailer: Pepper Potts gets to don the Iron Man armour. It doesn't look like Stark has created her her own custom suit—yet—but she looks right at home in his armour. Talk about a power couple. [YouTube via Laughing Squid] Read More >>

Grab Yourself Over 700 Free Marvel Comics, Right Now

Fancy something good to read on your commute home? Got yourself an iPhone, iPad or Android tablet or phone? Marvel's got you covered. It's giving away over 700 first issues from its monster comic back catalogue until just after midnight on Wednesday, if you can get it to connect that is. Read More >>

Sky's Bagging Early Access to the New Star Wars and Marvel Films

Hidden deep within a release about a relatively mundane announcement of Sky's new Disney Movies Channel, there's a small titbit makes all the difference in the sci-fi-loving world: "including new movies from Lucasfilm, and also Marvel Studios features". Sky's bagged a Disney movie channel and with it, early access to Iron Man 3, Avengers and the incoming JJ Abrams Star Wars movies. And that's huge. Read More >>

The Biggest Transformer Ever Made: Metroplex

If you're not a Transformers fan, you'd be excused if you didn't know exactly who Metroplex is. After some comprehensive research, we've figured out he's really tall and holds Optimus in his hand a lot. Oh, also, he's a new gigantic 24-inch transformer—the biggest ever made. Read More >>


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