This is Why You Don't Screw With the Oatmeal

Look, here's a tip: if you don't like the Oatmeal, keep it to yourself. If you really do have to write an article personally attacking the author though, make sure you research the hell out of it. Or this will happen. Read More >>

The Oatmeal's Operation Bearlove Charity Money Now Under Threat

Just when you thought the legal mess around The Oatmeal and FunnyJunk's lawyer Charles Carreon couldn't get any worse, Carreon's trying to stop the £141,000 raised for charity from being donated. Read More >>

Operation Bearlove Good, Cancer Bad Raises a Colossal £141,000 For the Oatmeal's Charities

It's amazing what people can do when properly motivated. That whole legal mess involving the Oatmeal; FunnyJunk; FunnyJunk's lawyer; some charities, and now even Ars Technica, has at least raised some serious cash for a good cause. Read More >>

FunnyJunk's Lawyer Makes It Personal and Sues the Oatmeal Himself

The Oatmeal's Bearlove Good, Cancer Bad initiative has certainly ruffled some feathers. It seems Charles Carreon, FunnyJunk's lawyer, really didn't like Inman's reaction to his letter. He's up and sued the Oatmeal, and this time it's personal. Read More >>

The Oatmeal's "BearLove Good. Cancer Bad" Response to a Lawsuit Is Both Hilarious and Awesome

The Oatmeal, the awesome web comic by Matthew Inman we all know and love, is being sued. The funny thing is that Inman reckons the site suing him, FunkyJunk, is actually a prolific thief of his work. This is his epic response. Read More >>


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