Searching for Dead Geometries Amidst the Trees

As the analytical tools of archaeology rapidly shift toward the use of non-invasive, digital visualisation—including such things as ground-penetrating radar and LiDAR—we're seeing more and more examples of archaeologists setting off into distant landscapes, drones in hand. Read More >>

A 2,300 Year Old Mayan Pyramid Was Destroyed for a New Road

In your horrific bulldozing news of the day, a construction company found it to be a good idea to destroy one of Belize's largest Mayan pyramids just so they can use its materials for crushed rock in a road-building project. The 2,300 year old pyramid survived Mother Nature but fell to idiot man. Nice. Read More >>

Nasa Reiterates "World Not Ending" 2012 Anti-Apocalypse Message

Nasa has been working hard to reassure people that we're not about to get smashed into the Sun by a rogue asteroid, telling people to stop spreading stupid internet nonsense about the misinterpreted Mayan calendar thing. The world is not going to end any time soon, so you'd better carry on paying your mobile bill. Read More >>

Astronomers Discover Huge Comet Hurtling Towards Us

The Mayan Apocalypse nutcases will pass out when they learn that two Russian astronomers have discovered a new and gigantic comet coming in our direction — a huge two-mile wide ball of ice and rock that "may [become] one of the brightest in history." The comet is now passing by Saturn, gaining speed and becoming brighter by the day. Read More >>


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