23 Amazing Labyrinths To Get Lost In

There are dozens of different types of mazes: there are standard mazes, which feature "multi-route" paths; And labyrinths, which only have single routes. Then there are multicursal mazes; Plainar mazes; Hedge mazes; and so on. Below, a collection of 23 fascinating examples give us a glimpse into the cultural history of getting lost—on purpose. Read More >>

Preposterously Intricate Maze Took Seven Years of This Handyman's Life

Almost 30 years ago, a Japanese caretaker casually drew a few lines, which turned into a few more lines, which turned into seven years of his life and the most demonically intricate maze—hand-drawn or otherwise—that I have ever seen. Read More >>

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Maze Solving Robot Mouse Makes Real Lab Mice Look Downright Stupid

Even after spending years solving countless placemat mazes at restaurants around the world, I'm still no match for this robotic micromouse that races through this giant maze in just 3.921 seconds, shaving a full second off the previous record. Read More >>


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