West Midlands Traffic Cops Build Fantasy McLaren 12C Patrol Car

We wouldn't mind being pulled over for doing 76mph on the motorway by one of these, a custom McLaren 12C Spider decked out in traditional traffic police patrol colours by West Midlands Police. Read More >>

McLaren Wants to Replace Your Car's Wipers With Ultrasonic Pulses

The main things that annoy me most about my beaten up old car are that the fan doesn't work, and the windscreen wipers make an absolute racket. But if patents filed by McLaren are anything to go by, windscreen wipers will soon be a thing of the past as they look to replace the pesky things with scientific magic. Read More >>

McLaren is Using Fighter Jet Technology For No-Wiper Windscreens

Those irksome blades that smear dirt across your driving vision may become a thing of the past because McLaren says it's doing away with wipers altogether in favour of fighter jet technology that keeps windscreens clean. Read More >>

F1 Cars, With Just Their Sponsors' Logos Visible

Modern F1 cars are so plastered with advertising that, without the actual chassis of the car being visible, you can still make out the whole outline of the speed machines. In fact, removing the car from the equation turns them into stunning works of art, especially the Lotus. Read More >>

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46.7 Megapixels of Amazing British McLaren Racing Cars

From F1 through Le Mans to the immense P1, and even the fantastically good MP4-12C (shame about the name), McLaren really knows how to build stupendous cars. And the beauty is that they're not made in Italy, or Germany, or America for that matter, they're made right here in Britain; in Woking to be exact. That should be something to feel proud of, right? Read More >>

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This is How the Air Flows Over the Awesome McLaren P1

There's no doubt the McLaren P1 is one of the ultimate hypercars money can buy. It sounds awesome, it looks awesome, and the amount of power at the disposal of your right foot is unreal. But did you know it's all down to the incredible, F1-style aerodynamics? Read More >>

The Hand Craftsmanship Behind a McLaren

Car enthusiasts tend to talk about the McLaren Technology Centre in hushed tones such is the reverence for the place. Since it opened in 2003 it has taken on an almost mythical quality and it is true, as you approach the glistening, curving edifice walled with glass from the other side of the artificial lake, it does all start to feel a little otherworldly. Read More >>

Meet the New McLaren P1 Hypercar: The Biggest, Fastest, Most Badass Hybrid Ever Built

In sheer performance terms, the McLaren F1 was pretty much unrivalled -- the fastest car on the planet at the time. So, we have high hopes for its successor, the P1, and if the specs just released by McLaren are anything to go by, we're not going to be disappointed, well if you've got a million in the bank that is. 0 to 186mph in just 17 seconds; that's practically warp speed. Plus it's kind of green-ish too. Read More >>

These Are the 2013 F1 Cars

Another year, another F1 season, another set of four-wheeled carbon-fibre lust machines. This is basically just brazen automotive porn, but who cares? Click through to see some hot-and-heavy hardcore rear spoiler action. Read More >>

This Is the Gorgeous New McLaren F1 Car

McLaren has just taken the wraps off its brand new 2013-season F1 car, the MP4-28. It's a beauty, but will it win races? Both Jenson Button and McLaren's new-kid-on-the-block Sergio Perez seem to think so. Read More >>

Monaco Grand Prix: Suspension With Bells On

This weekend, the Formula 1 circus makes it annual trip to the principality of Monaco. It's not news to anounce that this is street circuit; it is in fact the most recognisable track in the world. With the cars dancing between the barriers, it's famed as a track that's demanding on the cars, with the slightest error causing a brush with the armco and immediate retirement from the race. But what's probably less well understood is that as the track is on public roads, the car's suspension has a lot more to cope with. Read More >>


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