Intel Silicon to Finally Appear in a Shipping Smartphone -- In India

Intel processors are ubiquitous in desktop PCs and laptops, and now they're finally making their way into smartphones. Intel announced Thursday that the first Intel-powered smartphone, the Xolo X900, will be available for sale on April 23. Read More >>

Orange Squeezes Out Its First Intel-Powered Phone

The rumours were true; Orange has just unveiled its first Intel-powered phone codenamed Santa Clara. Packing a 1.6GHz Atom Z2460, it’s pretty much a clone of Intel’s Medfield reference design. Read More >>

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Is Orange Prepping an Intel-Powered Medfield Phone of Its Own?

According to a screenshot of a survey sent to Coolsmartphone, Orange is going to launch the Orange London -- a Gorilla Glass-equipped 4.03-inch smartphone powered by a 1.6GHz Intel CPU at its heart. Read More >>

ARM CEO: Intel Will Never Beat Us On Efficiency

At CES we saw Intel's first serious attempt at mobile processing, Medfield, being used in a handful of devices. Intel thinks it could give ARM a run for its money. ARM think differently. Read More >>

Hands On With the First Intel-Powered Phone You Can Buy (In China)

That Lenovo K800 phone, just announced at Intel's CES keynote and running off of the company's 32-nanometer mobile 1.6GHz Medfield chip? It's here. I played with it. It's... okay? Read More >>

Hands On Intel's Last, Best Mobile Hope

Intel would be the first to admit that it's fallen far behind int he mobile game. The company desperately wants in on the post-PC land grab, but so far hasn't been able to put out a chip that's not a battery-draining false start. Medfield is the processor that's supposed to change all that. And based on our brief hands on, it honestly just might. Read More >>


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