Why Hasn't Google Made the Chromecast Available in the UK Yet?

Of all Google's attempts to make headway into the world's living rooms, from the disappointing Google TV to the disastrous Nexus Q music system, the Chromecast media streamer is its first dedicated home entertainment success. So why is there still no sign of a Chromecast UK launch? Read More >>

£5 PAYG Now TV Bundle Adds 10 Channels to Sky's Miniature Set-Top Box

If you want to get a bit more out of Sky's super-cheap telly dongle, its new Entertainment Month Pass adds 10 subscription packages to your EPG in return for a £4.99 a month, casual, no-strings, PAYG financial commitment. Read More >>

lightning review
Now TV Box Review: This £10 Box Is Miles Better Than It Should Be

A media streamer for just £10 has to be utter rubbish, surely? Not if it's actually a Roku LT underneath and subsidised by Sky. The Now TV box gives you BBC iPlayer, Demand 5, Spotify, Now TV, and a couple of other streaming services on your TV for the price of one cinema ticket. Heck, less than a cinema ticket, in some (Leicester Square) cases. Read More >>

This £60 Dongle Lets You Send Video to a Dumb TV's HDMI Input via Wi-Fi

This sleek little dongle, called Plair, is a neat little solution for slinging video from any number of devices to your TV. Simply plug it into an empty HDMI port and beam media to it via Wi-Fi. Read More >>

Roku Now Available In the UK With Added BBC iPlayer

The cheap streaming mini-marvel of a set-top box that our American cousins have been raving about for years is finally available on our shores. It’s shipping right now and has even had the BBC iPlayer bundled in for good measure. Read More >>

Roku LT and Roku 2 XS Mini-Streamers Priced, Dated and Up For Pre-Order In the UK

We knew that Roku was planning on entering the UK streaming set-top box market, but now we’ve got prices and pre-orders available. Both the Roku LT and the Roku 2 XS will land on our shores at the end of January, sold through Read More >>


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