Leak: Next-Gen 4K Blu-Ray Discs Pack 100GB of Data

While the Blu-ray Disc Association may not have made any official noises about the existence of 4K Blu-ray discs, a leak from a disc manufacturer reveals that they're on the way—and they pack 100GB of delicious data. Read More >>

Tesco Clubcard TV Rips the Freebies out of Blinkbox for Tablet Users

Tesco's just launched something a bit niche in the Android world, with its Tesco Clubcard TV app letting tablet users view all the free content hosted on its Blinkbox service. Read More >>

You Can Now Stream Video From Android to Roku

Roku has updated its Android app with an awesome new feature: you can now stream video from your Android handset to the media box. Read More >>

A New Apple TV Might be a "One More Thing" on September 10th

Bizarre analysis of global shipping records has found something possibly SECRET coming to the US from Apple's suppliers, with data claiming that a series of deliveries of a "Set Top Box with Communication Function" have been popping in on the slow boats from China. Read More >>

An Intercom-Doorbell Is Your Security-Like-the-Movies Deal of the Day

We might well be entering the future here, so strap yourselves in tight and pray that we all make it out of the other side. Here goes. Read More >>

Sony Has Locked Up Viacom For Its Online TV Service

Everyone and their dog is trying to create some kind of streaming future for TV, but deals with content providers have proven incredibly difficult to nail down. The Wall Street Journal reports that Sony has apparently cleared that hurdle, striking an agreement with TV giant Viacom. Read More >>

Will Free Codes in The Sun Entice You to the Paywalled Sun Online?

The Sun's about to erect a whopping great paywall around its web site, copying (grown-up) sister title The Times in limiting online access to the things it writes about Katie Price and laughably describes as "news." Will it stop you reading? Did you ever read it? Would you knowingly pay for it? Read More >>

Sony and Panasonic Think the World Needs a 300GB Optical Disc

With fewer and fewer computers packing an optical drive, you might be under the impression that the accompanying media is dead. Not if you're to believe Sony and Panasonic, who are planning to develop a next-gen optical disc with capacity of at least 300GB. Read More >>

Here's How to Completely Skirt Amazon's New Delivery Charges

Amazon's decided that free delivery for anything under £10 has to go, apart from media like CDs, Blu-rays and games. What does that mean? Well, your random purchases have suddenly just gotten a whole lot more expensive. Unless, that is, you follow this handy tip. Read More >>

BitTorrent Explains BitTorrent to Help Kill Piracy Associations

The developers of the BitTorrent protocol would like to distance themselves from the whole internet piracy debate, pointing out that you need clients, hosts, search engines and a whole lot more to actual steal media off the internet. So stop saying "BitTorrenting" when you actually mean "stealing" if you would. Read More >>

The Only Fragmentation That Matters (In Charts!)

We can argue about Android fragmentation and conflicting standards all day long, but you know what? Those fights are nothing compared to how broken your own digital life is. Read More >>

Raspberry Pi Made Simple With HDMI, Ethernet and Keyboard Starter Kit

Just under £40 gets Raspberry Pi users a super-simple media management solution, with the Element 14 bundle containing a wireless keyboard, HDMI connector and an Ethernet cable for easily whacking together your home media powerhouse. Read More >>

Local Councils Forced to Welcome Live-Tweeters, Bloggers and Video Cameras

The hotbed of angst and bitterness that is your average local council meeting will now be fully open to the public, with Eric Pickles, the Secretary of State for Local Government, demanding local councillors let themselves be photographed, filmed and tweeted about while doing their business. Read More >>

xbox one
Surprise! All That TV Stuff Won't Work When Xbox One Launches Here

Just in case you needed telling, all the fancy TV guide stuff that Microsoft showed during its depressingly softcore Xbox One launch won't work when it hits the UK. While Microsoft is "anticipating a global launch over time" of its telly system, the required media deals and masses of work needed to get it running, plus our reliance on crappy SD Freesat boxes, mean you can forget all about it for the time being. [CVG] Read More >>

xbox one
Xbox One Will Work Offline... For a Day at a Time

We now have a firm answer regarding Xbox One's curious internet needs. Xbox One does not require an "always-on" internet connection to function if you're playing alone, but it does need to "phone home" once a day to check licensing information and keep your games working. A bit like the massive Sky box it is. Read More >>


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