The Best Way To Store Your Stuff in the Cloud

When it comes to cloud storage, there are a whole bunch of fluffy options up there in the proverbial sky. Maybe you need unlimited storage, or maybe you need it for free. Here's a list of the ones that are the best at what they do. Read More >>

app of the day
MediaFire for Android: Store 50GB of Your Stuff For Free

Storage space is precious, and most major services — Google Drive and iCloud, for example — only give you a measly 5GB for free. MediaFire, is pretty magnanimous, doling out 50GB on the house. And it just launched on Android. Read More >>

Five Great Alternatives to MegaUpload

The FBI shuttered file-sharing web site MegaUpload yesterday; arrested its executives, and have called the site an "international organised criminal enterprise." Even though there's little doubt that MegaUpload was host to some copyrighted material, it was also a great way to upload and share large files, like photo archives and video, and send them to friends without worrying about hosting, Dropbox quotas, or overloaded inboxes. Now that it's gone however, here are some other great sites that let you share large files effortlessly. Read More >>


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