One Day Your Smartphone's Screen Could be Used to Test Blood

Patients who rely on the use of coagulants to limit the formation of blood clots in their veins also require frequent and regular trips to the hospital for tests to monitor their blood flow. It's a time-consuming side effect that researchers at EPFL hope they've solved with a portable test that relies on a smartphone's display's unique properties. Read More >>

A Simple Adapter Lets the iPhone Assist in Eye Exams

We've already got machines that give ophthalmologists a close-up view of the inside and outside of the human eye. The problem is they're big and heavy, expensive, and rarely accessible to those in third world nations. So researchers at Stanford University have created a simple iPhone add-on that lets almost anyone, anywhere, perform eye exams. Read More >>

How Implants and Prosthetic Limbs Get Recycled and Reused

Every year, millions of pacemakers, metal hips, and prosthetics outlast the bodies they're designed for. But these medical devices could very well go on to have a second-life—in cars, wind turbines, and even another person. Read More >>

A Wearable IV Pole is Like Morphine-2-Go for Patients

Even when a patient recovering from surgery is strong enough to get out of bed, they're still usually tethered to an IV bag for medication—which means they have to drag around one of those awkward IV poles even when just going to the toilet. But soon, they might be able to use this wearable IV pole instead. Read More >>

Surgeons Attach Man's Calf to His Arm to Save His Life

Ian McGregor lost his entire leg to a cancerous tumour, but he's lucky to be alive thanks to a weird, never-before-attempted 18-hour surgical procedure: first, doctors removed his calf and attached it to his arm to keep it alive during the tumour and leg amputation; then, they used the calf to fix the huge hole that resulted from the operation. Read More >>

Report: Apple is Working on Medical Devices and Mulling Cars

A report from the San Francisco Chronicle suggests that Apple is working to develop new product lines—including medical devices and cars Read More >>

NASA is Working on Star Trek Healing Devices

NASA and Texas-based company GRoK Technologies will work on the development of new "breakthrough products," non-invasive medical technologies designed to "regenerate bone and muscle tissues." It really sounds like something out of Star Trek, but "it's not just sci-fi anymore." Read More >>

Scientists Turned Fruit Flies into Glowing Cancer Detectors

One of the most exciting findings in cancer research is the ability to identify cancerous cells by the volatile odour molecules they give off. Diagnostic machines, scalpels, and even specially trained dogs have been used to identify cancer this way. We can add fruit flies to that list now: scientists have bred a strain whose antennae glow when they smell cancer. Read More >>

An 8K Endoscope Probably Shows More Than Anyone Really Wants to See

8K television broadcasts are slowly creeping towards becoming a reality, but 8K video technology is already being embraced and used in other industries. Read More >>

These Robotic Super Socks Will Aid Rehabilitation

Science fiction has given us a vision of the future where humans might one day enjoy super-strength and abilities while wearing a rigid robotic exoskeleton suit. But back here in reality, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a soft bio-robotic socks designed to assist those who have difficulty with something as simple as walking. Read More >>

Woman Admitted to Hospital After Three Hour Orgasm... Ordeal

After hopping up and down and drinking wine wouldn't end a woman's continuous orgasm, her husband took her to the local A&E department for a check up. In the end, she was stuck in the throes of passion for three hours. Read More >>

The World's Greatest Scientists Invent Cavity Free Sweets

With a breakthrough that will finally help Halloween top Christmas as the best holiday ever, scientists at the Berlin based biotech lab Organo Balance claim to have developed sweets that don't cause cavities. You'll still get sick and pack on the pounds from gorging on sweets, but if you forget to brush your teeth, your chompers won't rot out of your head. Read More >>

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This Genius Wheelchair Turns Your Tongue into a Joystick

Getting around in a wheelchair is difficult enough, even when one still has use of their upper extremities. Quadriplegics face an exponentially more difficult challenge: controlling the wheelchair by sucking or blowing air through a straw. But this new powered wheelchair from the Georgia Institute of Technology will respond to a flick of the user's tongue. Read More >>

Who Says Prosthetic Hands Have to Look Like Human Hands?

Conventional wisdom says that if you're trying to replicate a part of the human body with robotics, it should look and function like the real thing. But the creators of this prosthesis have taken a different approach, simplifying the human hand to just three digits. Read More >>

Still-Beating Heart Operation Proves Successful in First UK Trial

For anyone that's endured the dreaded buzz and red glowing nose of Hasbro's Operation board game, you'll have a reasonably good idea of just how bloody hard pulling off open-heart surgery must be. But how about operating on the heart while it's still beating? Read More >>

A Doctor's-Office-in-a-Chair Measures All Your Vitals At Once

It's not designed to replace your family doctor, but this sensor-laden chair concept from Sharp could definitely reduce the number of times you need to stop by their clinic every year. The chair looks like it could actually be capable of time travel, but its capabilities are limited to measuring your blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and other vital stats in one fell swoop. Read More >>


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