Views of a Dark World: Illuminating Unseen Infrastructure

For a global society highly dependent on complex technical, economic, and political systems, we manage to carry on our daily routines largely unaware of the hard and soft infrastructure—from pipes to policies—on which these systems rest. That is, until unexpected events, so-called black swans, illuminate the previously hidden pieces and surprise or unsettle us by their presence and function. Read More >>

How Android's Multitasking Experience Could Be Even Better

Lately I've been thinking about the multitasking experience on Android, and I feel like there's still a lot to improve on. I love how the thumbnails come up, but in 4.2.2 they made it so that the current app joined the list of "Recent Apps". This looks great on phones and small-sized tablets, but it looks really bad on large tablets (ie. Nexus 10) in landscape mode. Here's how to make it better. Read More >>

what is
What Is Medium?

There is no shortage of platforms to post your ideas, photos, videos—whatever—online, but today we got another high-profile one. Medium announced itself with a lofty manifesto about publishing and media. But, um, what makes it different and why should anybody use it? Read More >>


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