One Important Way Mega Is More Law-Proof than Megaupload

Mega is here, and you've been hearing a lot about its encryption, as well as it not really working too great just yet. But maybe the most important thing is Mega's promise of being less of a lawsuit magnet. A lot of steps have been taken there, but there's one that stands out as the biggest: Mega doesn't use de-duplication. Read More >>

Mega Will Speed Up Soon, Says Kim Dotcom

Mega's service has pretty much sucked since its launch, which is not surprising if you believe that one million people signed up in the first day of service. Not to worry, folks, according to Kim Jong Dot-Com-Uh, everything will be smooth as butter on on hot toast, "soon": Read More >>

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How Mega's Encryption Will Protect You, But Mostly Kim Dotcom

Almost exactly one year ago, MegaUpload unexpectedly went down in flames. Now, Kim Dotcom's new venture, plain old "Mega" is rising from the ashes. But things will be different this time. Why? Dotcom's prepped this baby against all manner of attack, and its encryption is the first line of defense, for him and for you. Read More >>

Is Mega Working for You?

Right after the launch of Mega yesterday, a whole bunch of us here at Giz decided to check it out so we could share a whole wealth of PERFECTLY LEGAL files, just like everyone else does. That said, there's been issues getting confirmation emails and blistering upload speeds of 0 b/s for hours on end. Read More >>

Kim Dotcom's Mega Manifesto: "Privacy Is a Basic Human Right"

The launch event for Kim Dotcom's Mega broadcasted to the word live from his mansion in New Zealand was a huge spectacle of lofty ideas. Mega isn't just super-private file storage in the cloud. It's a political statement: Privacy is a basic human right. Read More >>

Mega Uses Random Data From Your Mouse and Keyboard To Beef Up Its Already Insane Encryption

Kim Dotcom's newly launched Mega is determined not to get screwed over by the rozzers the way MegaUpload did, and the trick is encryption, lots of encryption. Mega's really going that extra mile too: it's using your random mouse and keyboard data to strengthen your crypto keys. Read More >>

Kim Dotcom's Mega Is Now Open To the Public

Mega, Kim Dotcom's big, flashy new copyright-dismantling file-sharing/storage site with encryption up the wazoo has finally launched. You can head on over and sign up right now. That is, so long as the site can hold under the crazy traffic. So far, it looks like it's getting crushed under traffic. Different people are experiencing different things. Read More >>

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Kim Dotcom's New File Sharing Service Users Will Have 50GB Free Storage

Kim Dotcom seems firmly determined to give the megafinger to the Feds and continue with his meganew file sharing megaproject after megaupload was megashutteddowned. He claims his new Mega will give 50GB of storage space to every user. For free. If true, it will obliterate Dropbox and Skydrive. Read More >>

megaupload Is Dead; Long Live

Kim Dotcom's dream of hosting the follow-up to Megaupload at fell through last week when Gabon's government objected. No worry: instead it will appear at the rather less-snappy Read More >>

Kim Dotcom's Gets Hacked By 'Real Pirates' Too

Not only did Kim Dotcom's Megaupload reboot get its domain name seized, it seems 'real pirates' have taken offence to Dotcom, and have hacked his domain to redirect to a group calling themselves 'Omega'. What's more, they want to sell it to Dotcom's adversaries -- looks like ol'Kimmy's got a war on his hands. Read More >>

Megaupload's New Website Has Already Been Shut Down

Kim Dotcom has been hyping up Megaupload's new website Mega for so long that it seemed like a given that the file sharing site would come back bigger and badder. But it doesn't look likely because has already been shut down by Gabon, a small country in Africa that controls the .ga domain. Read More >>

Megaupload's New Website Is

Kim Dotcom just announced where Megaupload will be reborn: As in, that's the new file sharing website that will officially launch on January 20th next year. Go check it out. Read More >>

MegaUpload Slated To Rise From the Ashes on the Anniversary of Its Death

MegaUpload has been down for almost a year now, but mastermind Kim Dotcom has had no intentions of letting it stay that way. Previously, he's teased some details about a relaunch and the servers are bought and paid for. Now, we've got a date: January 19th, 2013, the one-year anniversary of the takedown. Read More >>

The New Megaupload Has a Super Clever Way to Avoid Getting Raided Again

From the ashes of Megaupload, Kim Dotcom is launching a new file-sharing service: Mega. Mega is like Megaupload but will be safe from raids and government interference because it has "ironclad safe harbors" in place to protect Mega. How does it work? Read More >>


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