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Watch a Red Hot Nickel Ball Destroy a Box of Crayons

Watching the Red Hot Nickel Ball destroy various materials just never gets old. So here's a Red Hot Ball of Nickel turning a box of crayons into a rainbow of destruction. Read More >>

Cadbury Develops Non-Melting Chocolate -- But Will You Be Able To Eat It?

Choco specialist Cadbury is claiming to have invented a new chocolate formula that can survive the furnace-like atmosphere of the car dashboard, with its new choc recipe able to withstand 40-degree heat for over three hours. Read More >>

A Galaxy S III Exploded and Melted a Little Bit, But We're Sure Yours is OK

That sorry sight up there is a man's prized new Galaxy S III, which melted after "white flame, sparks and a bang" came out of the thing while the smartphone was sitting in his car-mounted dock. Read More >>


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