What Exactly Is a Meme?

You've seen hundreds of 'em. You hold a few dear to your heart. You love seeing that Impact font. You laugh at those who call it meh-meh or mimi (even if you once did). You think you know the Internet, so you think you know what a meme is. But how did memes take over? Probably by being memes. Read More >>

Move Over Nyan Cat, OMFGDOGS Is Here to Annihilate Your Brain

If you thought Nyan Cat was annoying, boy, you haven't seen nothing yet. OMFGDOGS will drive you insane in just a fraction of the time. Test your hardcore meme endurance skills; go on, I dare you. Read More >>

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This "That's What She Said" Receipt Is Funnier Than Any Stupid April Fools

Gizmodo reader Cameron Halter said he was eating at Taco Mac in Atlanta, Georgia, when they noticed this note in their receipt. "I think it speaks for itself," he says in his email. Truth. [Thanks Cameron!] Read More >>

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The Most Dangerous Meme: Making Your Pet Play with Your Phone

Screw ghost riding the whip, forget flash mobs. There's a new internet craze threatening our children: taunting lizards and amphibians with fake food on your smartphone. Sure it's cute when they're crushing virtual insects but it's not so cute when they attack your finger. Read More >>


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