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This Video Reveals the Origin Scenes of Some of the Internet's Most Famous Memes

Memes are so damn clever at capturing emotion and feeling that they're pretty much the clearest way to communicate on the Internet. Need to explain your disappointment in something? Throw up that facepalm. And though most pop culture junkies can figure out where most memes and image macros come from, this video shows the exact source and scene of the movie where some of the Internet's most famous memes came from. It's like seeing the Internet come to life. Read More >>

Millions of Meme-Based Dogecoins Stolen on Christmas Day

The meme-based digital coins were originally created as a joke counter currency to Bitcoin but have since become at least mildly legitimate and, apparently, quite hackable. While each Dogecoin is only worth £0.00035 (compared to Bitcoin's £445 at the time of writing), the 30 million stolen have been estimated to add up to about £7,000, and investors over at the Dogecoin forums have been dismayed to find that investing in a currency created "without much real thought" has lost them actual money. Whoulda thunk. Read More >>

7 Reasons Never to Give 4Chan a 3D Printer

Over at 3D printing marketplace, inspired individuals are free to post their 3D-printable creations for all the world to buy. And sure, there's some more benign items like art and iPhone cases littered among the clutter, but dig a little deeper and you'll find what Shapeways masses really want: Goatse. Twerking. Fresco Jesus—the whole gang's right here. Read More >>

Would You Try "Twipping", the Latest Moronic Way to Become an Internet Celebrity?

First there was "planking", then there was my personal favourite "owling", and now, if you're either a) invulnerable, or b) thick as shit, there is "twipping", in which a person purposefully throws themselves down the stairs in order to post a picture of the calamity to Twitter or Facebook. Read More >>

Imgur Now Has a Meme Generator

The internet's (aka Reddit's) favourite online image hosting service now has a built-in meme generator. This is the greatest thing to ever happen to Imgur -- or the worst. Either way, the workflow is fairly straightforward and even the dopiest of luddites can make their own memes now. Great. Grand. Wonderful! Read More >>

These Internet Memes Art Pieces Should Be in a Museum

You know a meme when you see one. Silly image. Impact font. Chortling punchline. You know when something goes viral on the Internet too. It's all over Facebook. Every site you go to has a post about it. You keep seeing it for three weeks. But you've never seen memes and Internet viral hits like this. This is art. Read More >>

What Exactly Is a Meme?

You've seen hundreds of 'em. You hold a few dear to your heart. You love seeing that Impact font. You laugh at those who call it meh-meh or mimi (even if you once did). You think you know the Internet, so you think you know what a meme is. But how did memes take over? Probably by being memes. Read More >>

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How Memes Would Have Spread Across the Universe

Information can only travel so fast—but even if it can travel at the speed of light, there would be a natural delay before memes could traverse the entire universe. So where across our neighbouring star systems might some of our favourite pop culture references have ended up by now? Read More >>

Warner Brothers Is Being Sued For Using Nyan Cat Without Permission

Warner Brothers — a company all too keen to leap on anybody infringing its copyright — is being sued for unauthorised use of the Nyan Cat meme. Oops. Read More >>

Watch a Pretty Actress Recreate Popular Internet Memes For Your Amusement

Alison Brie, the gorgeous actress that somehow juggles Community and Mad Men without creating a black hole in the Internet, is a pretty funny fellow. Oh and she's also really, really pretty. But funny! But pretty. Anyways, she was tasked at recreating the faces of popular internet memes (think grumpy cat and overly attached girlfriend) with her own facial expressions and her effort is pretty admirable. Plus, it's absolutely adorable. [HyperVocal] Read More >>

Can You Find All the Memes in This Internet Orgy of a Poster?

Created by illustrator H. Caldwell Tanner, this wonderful, mind-numbing visualisation of the internet's very essence brings together more past and current memes than you probably ever knew existed. Read More >>

Harlem Shake on a Plane Could Put Lives at Risk

An admittedly rather impressive shot at getting an entire plane load of passengers doing the Harlem Shake dancing meme has ended in trouble for all involved, with US aviation experts claiming the Frontier Flight 157 could've been put at risk by having so many idiots bouncing around inside. Read More >>

Behind the Internet: The Rise and Fall of Keyboard Cat

Bad news first. Guys—Keyboard Cat is dead. The same cat you're still splicing into videos and GIF-ing as fast as your little fingers can fly is, in all likelihood, rotting 6 feet below some nondescript, Midwestern-United States backyard. For it appears that, one night in 1987, our beloved Keyboard Cat (formerly known as Fatso) raised his paw to his keyboard to sound one final, solemn note before slipping into eternal, musically-inclined kitty slumber. Read More >>

A Question of Sport Jumps Over the Harlem Shake Shark

The BBC's unbearably smug sports quiz has set an incredible new shark-jumping record. It got all of its cauliflower-eared, guffawing ex-sport stars to do a version of the Harlem Shake meme that's currently horrifying every sane person on the internet. It makes you long for the good old days of Gangnam Style. Read More >>

Porn Star Internet Memes: Naked Harlem Shake (NSFW)

Because every single person on the Internet decided to force induce viralness by not really doing the Harlem Shake while making those ridiculous Harlem Shake videos, it's time to kill this meme with a "Harlem Shake" video that no one can ever top: Porn Stars doing a naked "Harlem Shake". Yep, naked. Read More >>

This Hilarious Song Pretty Much Explains the Internet and Memes

If you're looking for an Internet anthem, here it is: a Journey - Faithfully parody that soulfully expresses it love for its favourite Internet memes. It's pretty much what we all do on the Internet every day, in song. Which means looking at picture of animals, watching silly videos, GIF crawlin', and guffawing to Impact font memes. Read More >>


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