Study Shows Comedians Share Personality Traits Seen in Psychosis

Research carried out by the University of Oxford and Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust claims that personality traits seen in comedians, and other creative types, are similar to traits of people who experience psychosis. Read More >>

DARPA's Spending £43 Million on a Brain Chip for Mentally Ill Soldiers

Picture this: In the near future, ten per cent of American veterans could be walking around with chips implanted in their brains. These aren't intended for some I, Robot-style takeover, but rather to treat conditions like PTSD and substance abuse. Sound crazy? DARPA only deals in crazy. Read More >>

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What It's Like to Have Synesthesia And See All Your Numbers in Colour

In the big wide world of mental disorders, synesthesia is probably one of the most interesting and least harmful. It's like a sensory remix. But what's it really like? Alex from Bite Sci-Zed, who "suffers" from a flavour of the disorder where her numerals have very distinct colours, explains it. By the numbers. [Numberphile] Read More >>


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