Text Messaging Fell Last Year as Modern Ways of Exchanging Words Exploded

The rise of Wi-Fi and 3G data messaging services like WhatsApp, Snapchat and Google badgering everyone into using Hangouts has contributed to a fall in UK text messaging, with 2013 seeing UK text numbers drop for the first time since the SMS system arrived. Read More >>

Google's Hangouts Chat World Will Soon Pull in SMS Messages

Google's attempt to assimilate the communications of the world will soon take a huge step forward, with a company staff member unofficially suggesting that text messages will soon slot themselves into its Hangouts cross-platform chat suite. Read More >>

People Who Read Your Message But Don't Reply Are the Worst

Before I go off calling everyone who has read receipts on but still doesn't reply in a timely matter rude arseholes, please note that I am one of them. But still! I hear it's verrry annoying for other people to see some messages be read (and for Facebook, it pretty much has to be that way) and quickly replied to while others just toil in obscurity. What is up with that? Read More >>

WhatsApp Denies Big Money Google Buyout Rumour

Well, someone's going to be proven a big old liar by the course of time, with yesterday's rumour of a Google/WhatsApp deal now quashed by the cross-format messaging company. Read More >>

Facebook Widens £10 Celebrity Stalking Messaging Fee

Facebook is pushing ahead with the launch of a crazy new paid messaging service in the UK, which sees users charged up to £10 a time to send unsolicited messages to celebrities and other people not already on their friends list. Read More >>

Rumour: Google Planning $1bn Swoop for Messaging Giant WhatsApp

Internet rumour has it that Google is currently negotiating terms for the purchase of hot cross-platform messaging app WhatsApp, with a final price expected to top out near the hallowed one billion dollars mark. That's about £652,000,000 which doesn't sound quite as cool. Read More >>

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Sending Secret Encrypted Text Messages on Your iPhone Just Got Easier

One thing your iPhone could be better at: sending secret encrypted messages (aka for sexting and/or illicit relationships). The regular messages app leaves everything hanging out in the open! Text Fortress is an app that encrypts the messages you send and locks them down so only the person you sent it to, can see it. Read More >>

Facebook's Letting Complete Strangers Pay to Send You Messages

Yesterday Facebook is added a couple of new settings for messages to make sure you see the ones you need to see. And it's also testing a system where you pay a 60p to ensure someone reads your note. Ugh, hopefully that test fails. Read More >>

Facebook Pondering Purchase of Whatsapp? Mobile Messenger

The popular Whatsapp? messaging tool might be the next big money mobile acquisition, with Facebook said to be aiming its enormous wallet in the direction of the cross-platform chat app. Read More >>

Bletchley Park Veterans Needed to Solve 70-Year-Old Dead Pigeon Mystery

A dead pigeon pulled out of a man's chimney was found to have a little red capsule attached to its leg, which contained an encoded message from the D-Day landings. Problem is, today's decrypting experts can't crack it. Can your granddad help? Read More >>

Facebook Messages Just Got Way Easier to Use

Facebook Messages, which has been the stuck-in-2004 ugly big sister to the already-butt-ugly Facebook Chat, actually looks sort of usable now thanks to a new two-panel design. Read More >>

Facebook Groups Now Tell You Who's Read Your Posts

If you worry about who's read your posts on a Facebook group, now you can breathe easy. From today, Facebook groups will tell you — and the rest of the group's members — exactly who's read the post. Which is either useful, or incredibly creepy. Read More >>

This Might Explain Why Your iMessages Are F*cked Up

Are your special blue iMessages acting up? Do they arrive late, or maybe not at all? It looks like there's a solution—and Apple is to blame. Read More >>

Text Messages Are Good For Your Mental Health

That small surge of happiness and excitement you get when receiving a text message? Everyone gets it, and it's good for your brain. Read More >>

Idiots Are Paying For Service that Adds "Sent From My iPhone" Signature to Messages

The more I read about this, the more I want to go to China and punch all these idiots out of their underpants: people paying one dollar a month to add a "sent from my iPhone" to every message they send. Read More >>


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