Now That MSN's Dead, What's the Best IM Client?

On the 8th April, MSN Messenger will die an ignominious death as Microsoft boots everyone over to Skype. But the magic of sending people little snippets of text accompained by oh-so-funny emoticons won't die with it -- there's a whole bevy of services just waiting in the wings. Read More >>

Facebook to Provide Free and Discounted Data Overseas

Facebook has announced that, over the coming months, it will be partnering with 18 network operators in 14 countries to provide users with free or discounted data for some of its mobile apps. Read More >>

Watch This Hypnotizing Footage Of a Rainbow Mercury Spinning Through Space

While Curiosity's off drilling into the surface of Mars, plenty of other man-made, space-bound machines are surveying the rest of the solar system, and coming with some pretty cool stuff. NASA's MESSENGER, for instance, put together quite the mesmerizing footage of Mercury's spin. Read More >>

Microsoft Killing Messenger on March 15th

You only have nine more weeks to glory in the history of Microsoft's chat tool, with the company announcing plans to entirely kill off Messenger by March 15th. You'll have to have switched over to Skype by then if you want to carry on chatting with your old MSN buddies, or living in China -- where the service will live on. [Forbes] Read More >>

Microsoft Is Killing Off Windows Live Messenger for Skype

The Verge is reporting that Microsoft is trying to nix its Windows Live Messenger client in favour of Skype. That's definitely for the best, and something we've seen coming for a while now. But it also smacks of some missed opportunity for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Read More >>

Rumour: RIM to Sell Handset Business

The Sunday Times is reporting that RIM is planning to split its handset and messaging network into two separate companies, then sell off the ill-fated BlackBerry hardware business. Read More >>

Is BlackBerry Messenger Dead in the Water?

One of the few things that makes the humble BlackBerry attractive is the Messenger service, which has been embraced by teenagers and the corporate world alike. But as people migrate from RIM's handset to other smartphones, BBM contact lists around the globe are shrinking—and now the software's future looks uncertain. Read More >>

A New IM-Attacking Trojan Takes You and Your Facebook For a Spammy Ride

It seems Mark Zuckerberg isn't the only one trying to make a tidy sum out of Facebook right now. There's a social-spreading, IM-attacking worm on the loose and it'll take hold of your Facebook and IM accounts to ruin everyone's day. Read More >>

Report: Facebook Messenger App Could Get Video Chat Upgrade Soon

It's rumoured that Facebook is extending its standalone Messenger app for iPhone to include video chat capabilities, and 9to5mac reports that the current beta version is "smooth most of the time". Read More >>

Frozen Water Found in Scorching Hot 752F Mercury Hell

NASA's Messenger has found very strong indications of frozen water in Mercury. But how can there be frozen water in a hell like Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun, boiling at 752º Fahrenheit (400ºC)? Read More >>

Facebook Messaging Actually Useful Thanks to Messaging App

I get more Facebook messages than emails from my friends these days. But the Facebook app is horrible at notifying me when someone actually tries to get a hold of me. The new Facebook Messaging app, though, makes sure I know exactly when my friends want to get in touch with me. Read More >>

Move Over BBM; Facebook Messenger's in Town

BlackBerry Messenger gains another rival to its messaging crown with the launch of Facebook Messenger for BlackBerry. Facebook now has the top three smartphone platforms covered, with Messenger apps on iOS and Android already available. Read More >>

RIM: Our BBM Core Switch Failed. Then Our Back-Up Failed

BlackBerry maker RIM has released a statement on the ongoing BlackBerry Messenger service failures, saying that pretty much everything broke at once. And there's now a big backlog of sexy texts to process. Read More >>


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