30 Starry Wonders Hiding Inside of Dull Meteorites

A few weeks ago, Russian divers extracted a 1,250-pound chunk of the infamous Chelyabinsk meteorite from a lake where it landed on February 15th. The massive space stone ended up cracking into three pieces—and though scientists may have cursed the clumsy divers, I was interested in something else: What was inside the rock? Read More >>

Scientists Discover Unique Ingredients of Life in Meteorite Fragments

It's rare for meteorites falling to Earth to remain intact—only five to ten make it each year—but the ones that do could contain the secrets of the universe or, even better, clues about the origins of life. And it looks like the meteorite that lit up the California sky last year did just that. Read More >>

Archaeologists Just Realised 5,000 Year Old Egyptian Beads Are From Space

Over a hundred years ago, archaeologists dug up these nine blackened, corroded lumps of stone from a pre dynastic Egyptian cemetery. But it wasn't until now that we realized just how old they are, and that they came from outer space. Read More >>

The Insides of Meteorites Are Nature's Stained Glass

On the outside, meteorites look like volcanic rocks. But astronomy photographer Jeff Barton cracks them open to reveal the glittering geodes inside. Read More >>

All the Meteorites That Have Been Seen Falling to Earth Since 2,500 BC

Since 2005 BC over 35,000 meteorites are known to have hit the Earth — but just 1,107 have actually been seen falling. This visualisation shows how they pockmarked our planet over time. Read More >>

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A Beautiful Meteorite That's Not Trying to Destroy the Planet

Not all meteor strikes have to be scary, exploding harbingers of an apocalypse to come. More often, in fact, they're just pretty. This one just screaming on through the Northern Lights even moreso than most. Read More >>

Scientists Claim Meteorite Fragments Contain Alien Biological Fossils (They Don't)

A paper came out today claiming to have found algae fossils in samples of a meteorite that landed in Sri Lanka this past December. At first glance, the claims are stunning: proof that life exists throughout the universe. But sadly, also deeply flawed. Read More >>

This Meteorite Flash Drive is Out of This World

Chances are you've got tonnes of flash drives just laying around. More than you really need. But are any of them made with real, certified meteriote? The Zana Design "Apophis" drive could fill that hole in your collection, for a price. Read More >>

What Colour Were Tomatoes Before the Dinosaurs All Died?

New research published in Nature suggests that the very same meteor that crashed into Earth 60 - 70 million years ago—the one responsible for wiping out all the dinosaurs—may also be responsible for the red colour of today's tomatoes. Read More >>

If You've Got the Cash, You Can Buy a Piece of Mars

Pssst. Hey, you. Yeah, you. Wanna buy some Mars? This is no bridge sale, son, it's the real deal. Just £520 per gram and you can own your own little bit of the Red Planet. Read More >>


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