As Was Always Inevitable, Real Life Breaking Bad Blue Sky Meth Hits the Streets

It's surprising that it took this long really; crystal meth, coloured the same sky blue shade as the fictional kind that made Breaking Bad's Walter White a millionaire, has burst forth from the TV show and onto the real-world streets of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Read More >>

Cleaning Up Former Meth Houses is a Booming Business

Even if intrigue and criminal activity aren't quite up your alley, you can still cash in on meth. That's because riding on the coat tails of America's meth epidemic is the growing industry of meth lab cleanup. You won't be Walter White, but you can still to wear a fluorescent hazmat suit, and hey, you probably won't have international drug cartels chasing after you. Read More >>

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The Breaking Bad Theme Played On Meth Lab Equipment (Minus the Meth)

It's the beginning of the end for Breaking Bad, and it's a tough time for us all. We're staring into the abyss and contemplating what our lives will be like a mere eight episodes from now when darkness creeps into our hearts and emptiness settles in our souls. Read More >>

Crystal Meth Could Stave Off the Flu

As winter draws in, the threat of flu looms large. But getting a preventative shot might not be the best line of defence any more — because new research suggests a small dose of crystal meth might be effective, too. Read More >>

Portable Meth Lab Explodes In a Guy's Pants While Running From the Cops

David Williams' day got off to a rocky start when the toxic brew of crystal methamphetamine he was cooking in his pants exploded. See that picture up there? That's what Williams was cooking in. Read More >>

'Find My iPad' Leads Cops to 350 kg of Crystal Meth

What happens when your iPad is stolen and you have Find My iPad turned on? Well you give your info to police, they track it down for you, and then seize 780 pounds of crystal meth in the process. Wait, what? Read More >>


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