The New Budapest Metro Line is an Awesome Psychedelic Trip

>After ten years of extremely expensive, slow, and politically messed up construction work–it is a long and sad story of government corruption and incompetence–Budapest, the Hungarian capital, got its fourth metro line today. Despite its ill-fated genesis and controversial usefulness, the Metro 4 is an amazing engineering, architectural, and artistic achievement, a mix of stunning concrete structures and trippy ornamentation. It looks stunning. Read More >>

How the Persian Gulf is Quietly Building a Railroad Empire

Over in the US, the arrival of a new tunnel boring machine is huge news, warranting naming ceremonies and Twitter accounts. Meanwhile, in Doha, officials have quietly signed a contract to buy fifteen boring machines to build a sprawling new underground rail system. And that's nothing compared to the massive transit network being built to connect the rest of the Gulf states. Read More >>

windows 8
First the Start Button, Now the Start Menu Set For Windows 8 Comeback

Microsoft's Windows 8 OS received a mixed reception upon launch, to put it lightly. Forward-thinking in its touch-focussed features, but alienating to those who wanted a pure desktop experience, Microsoft were forced to make some come compromises to their original vision come the Windows 8.1 update, reinstating the Start Button. And the next 8.2 update could take that one step further. Read More >>

Are TV and Movie Spoilers the Worst Thing in the World?

Yesterday, the Metro published an article about the penultimate episode of the third season of Game of Thrones, which aired on Monday in the UK. I won't spoil it for you here if you haven't seen it, but apparently a lot of stuff happens. It seems, though, that not everyone watches things live any more, because a legion of irate readers descended on the newspaper, angrily complaining about all the spoilers ruining the show for them. Read More >>

windows 8
Shock: Over Half of Windows 8 Users Just Pretend It's Windows 7

Research into how Windows 8 users use their posh new interface has found that well over half of owners skip the fancy Metro-style stuff and its new interface in favour of... using it like it's Windows 7. Or Windows XP. Or Windows 95. Read More >>

windows 8
Dear Microsoft, Don't Bail on Windows 8

The next update for Windows — codename Windows Blue or 8.1— is due at the end of June. It should be major, retooling a lot of what Windows does, or at least how it does it. But there's been at least some talk that it's going to go beyond that, and pull back from the deep end of next level UI that Windows 8 airdropped its users into. Read More >>

Dropbox Is Finally on Windows 8 'Modern UI'

Hooray, the Microsoft Surface just got slightly more useful. A Dropbox app for Windows 8's Metro modern UI is finally available. If you've got true Win 8 on your machine, I'm guessing you've already got the x86 Windows Dropbox app, but now you can have two. Awesome? [Windows Store] Read More >>

Live Tiles Gets a Lawsuit: This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Microsoft just launched Windows 8 last week and it's already getting sued over Live Tiles by an OS development company called Surfcast. Read More >>

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No, No, No, It's "Windows Store" Apps Not Metro, OK?

Microsoft's reeling from what's probably the worst branding disasters in recent memory. It's still trying run a mile from "Metro" and is currently trying to get you to use the super-clunky "Windows Store" apps instead. Mind you, it's also musing over "Modern" as a replacement for Metro, which is both horrendous, and not confusing in the slightest. [The Register] Read More >>

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Keep Windows 8 Tiles at Bay with RetroUI

If you're afraid of, or just annoyed by, the concept of Windows 8's Metro (well formerly Metro, but whatever) UI style, there's a handy way around it. RetroUI is a program that will take users directly to the Classic desktop after login, and even lock Metro away completely. Read More >>

Microsoft Forcing App Makers to Remove References to "Metro"

Microsoft really is serious about getting us all to call "Metro" something like “Modern UI Style” from now on, with new advice telling app makers their titles won't gain approval for release if they have the word metro in their names. Read More >>

On Second Thought: Microsoft Is Calling Metro "Modern UI Style" Now

Word yesterday was that Microsoft was changing the official name of its Metro UI to "Windows 8." Except, not totally. Today, the Verge is referencing several Microsoft listings for upcoming events referring to Metro/Windows 8/Fancy New UI as Modern UI. Ugh. Read More >>

windows 8
Microsoft's "Metro" UI Is Now Just "Windows 8"

Microsoft is ditching the "Metro" name for its live tiles UI in Windows 8 and Windows Phone. And it was a bit of a mystery what it was going to be called. Answer's in: Just plain ol' "Windows 8." Read More >>

Windows 8 May Force You To Boot Into the UI-Formerly-Known-As-Metro

Don't like Windows 8's new, currently-unnamed, obviously-tablet leaning interface? Too bad. Microsoft is apparently going to make you love it, and step one of the process is forcing you to boot into it, claims ZDnet. Read More >>

A Few Unsolicited Suggestions for Renaming Windows Metro

Taking a cue out of the playbooks of famous name-changers like Ron Artest, Cat Stevens, and Prince, Microsoft isn't calling its UI design Metro anymore. Although that's the official title MS has been using for years, it's reportedly making the shift due to legal reasons—ever heard of a German company called Metro? Neither have we. But apparently they have lawyers! Read More >>

What Should Microsoft Call Metro Now?

Since we now know that Microsoft has yanked the (code)name Metro for its Windows 8 user interface, let's have a group think and figure out what Microsoft should rename its now-nameless UI. Read More >>


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