The Metropolitan Police Force Wants Water Cannons in Case of Future Rioting

Picking a bone with London's local authorities, should a demonstration crumble into a full-scale riot, could become akin to going for a terra firma swim, as it's been revealed that the Metropolitan police force is shopping about for water cannons. Read More >>

10,000 Phones Stolen in London Every Month as Police Announce Crackdown

If you're reading this on a smartphone (...that doesn't belong to you, over the shoulder of your next robbery victim) then, douchebag, you'd better think again -- a Met Police crackdown on mobile phone theft is aiming to take scum like you down. Read More >>

Notes from the Frontline: Dealing with the Fringes

One of the most challenging aspects of policing, in my opinion, is trying to figure out how to deal with people who have lost perspective to such a degree that they have left all reason behind. Read More >>

Notes from the Frontline: Friendly Fire

"Hey Matt", I heard a familiar voice behind me. It was Pete, rudely interrupting a veritable feast, served on the finest flatware money can buy. Okay, so it was a slightly floppy BLT sandwich on a paper plate, but nonetheless. Read More >>

Notes From the Frontline: Nearly Caught

Starving, I was, after a horrendously long morning where every attempt at getting some food down my gullet was scuppered by chance. The timing was so bad, that I decided to do an experiment. Read More >>

Notes From the Frontline: Well, Search Me!

It's godawfully early in the morning, and I've been up for several hours already. The one good think about ridiculous shift patterns, I suppose, isn't necessarily that you get any better at waking up at all silly hours of the day, but that you do get better at having at least some of your faculties when you're operating in a sleepy daze. Read More >>

Notes From the Frontline: The Arrest of a Citizen

"You've got to be... I mean... On my way," I blurt into my radio, as we're called to a silent alarm at a warehouse for the third time in a shift. Read More >>

Notes From the Frontline: Section 18

If you thought 'having a case of the Mondays' was bad, you should try dragging yourself out of bed at 4am to make it to work and into uniform for 6am after four days off. Our shift patterns have always been a bit nutty, but the pattern we are on at the moment is actually pretty decent -- in theory, we're six days on, four days off. In practice, we're often six days on, one day on secondment or similar, and three days off. The upside is that we do, indeed, occasionally get four delicious days off on the trot. Read More >>

Notes from the Frontline: Mallcops

A late Thursday afternoon just before my shift was due to finish, I was hiding from the rain under a roof outside a large shopping mall in our borough. 'Hey', I figured. 'The tax payers get the reassurance of a friendly-looking police officer in a highly visible location, and I get the reassurance that despite being out on foot patrol on a soggy day, I get to stay dry. It's a win-win, right?' Read More >>

Notes From the Frontline: From Insult to Injury

"Wait, so this lad thought he could run away from your lads," I laughed, calculating, "with over 3 stone worth of dead weight?" "Yeah!" Simon roared. "In his defence, he also stole a set of really nice running shoes by wearing them, so at least he had a fighting chance!" Read More >>

Notes From the Frontline: The Perfect Crime

As soon as I sat down for lunch on this particular blue-skied Saturday, my radio fell silent, and for once I was able to just sit, chill, eat my sandwich, and enjoy a cup of tea. Read More >>

Notes from the Frontline: Stainless Steal

In facing the sky, I observe that the heavens are heavy of mind and pregnant with rain. "A perfect day", I mumble to myself, "to be stuck on goddamn foot patrol duty." Read More >>

Notes From the Frontline: A Show of Force

I'm in the driver's seat of a BMW area car for the occasion, on the slowest shift I can remember in a very, very long time. Sure, we sometimes have extremely busy shifts, but even a quiet shift has a steady trickle of jobs to do, most of the time. Read More >>

Notes from the Frontline: The Fuzzy End of the Lollypop

When we got to the location - a crackden in a dingy, foul-smelling, sorry excuse for a house - we couldn't get out of her exactly who might have assaulted her, with what, or why. More importantly, as far as we could tell, she didn't have a scratch on her. Read More >>

Notes From the Front Line: A Mild Sense of Terror

I used my uncanny police spidey senses to replay their last few seconds of conversation, and came up with "You do have the explosives, don't you?". Uh-oh. Read More >>

Notes from the Frontline: A Sense of Perspective

Pete has just told me that he thinks he has grounds and reason to arrest the man I am trying to calm down. And the fact that he hasn't just jumped in and made the arrest already, makes me think that he expects things to kick off. Read More >>


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