Hackers Can Force ATMs to Spit Out Money With a Text Message

It's getting remarkably easy to hack ATMs these days, and security researchers say that Microsoft's aging Windows XP is making the problem worse. This week, security analysts at Symantec blogged about a new technique popping up in Mexico that uses text messages to give hackers access. It's as wild as it sounds. Read More >>

Visit an Incredible Winery Built Out of Abandoned Boats

If you were driving through the remote Guadalupe Valley in Baja, Mexico, you might mistake it for an ancient, dried-up port town: A cavalcade of overturned boats scattered across the desert like whale skeletons. In fact, this is Vena Cava Winery, and those old boats house its production facilities. Read More >>

How Tequila Geniuses Made the Best-Tasting Spirit I've Ever Had

Tequila is a much-maligned spirit. Most of us think of it as something so nasty you need to do it in a shot with salt and lime so that you'll taste it as little as possible, or take it mixed into an over-sweet margarita. All of that is changing. Read More >>

Thieves in Mexico Just Stole Ingredients for a Radioactive Dirty Bomb

The UN's International Atomic Energy Agency has some bad news. It just announced that thieves in Mexico have stolen a truck carrying dangerous radioactive materials. In fact, they got their hands on all the ingredients they'd need to produce a radioactive dirty bomb. Read More >>

An Army of the Deaf Watch Surveillance Cameras in Mexico

Security camera footage makes some pretty boring TV. There's no sound, so you don't know what people are saying, and it's tough to read body language out of context. But that's exactly what makes deaf people the perfect workforce for interpreting the footage. Read More >>

The NSA Has Been Hacking Mexican And Brazilian Government Email For Years

Beginning in May 2010, the NSA gained access to the Mexican Presidencia domain on the Mexican Presidential network and began monitoring then-president Felipe Calderon's email account, according to a document leaked to Der Spiegel by Edward Snowden. The document also shows that the NSA has been surveilling the Brazilian government. Read More >>

This Is Why You Shouldn't Mess With Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen is an invaluable tool for scientists, and can make for some pretty awesome experiments, but introducing it into a pool party? What the hell where they thinking? As you can see from the video, it got ugly pretty damn quickly. Read More >>

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Mexico's National Pyrotechnics Festival Looks Absolutely Insane(ly Fun)

Who doesn't love a good fireworks show? People the world over — from Beijing to London — set off pyrotechnics to celebrate everything from New Year to Royal Weddings. Mexico has a similar celebratory tradition, they just don't even bother launching the pyros — intentionally, that is. Read More >>

Archaeologists Are Unlocking a 1900-Year-Old Burial Chamber's Secrets — With Drones

Teotihuacan, an ancient, abandoned city about an hour north of Mexico City, was once one of the largest cities in the world. It collapsed in the centuries ago (thanks either to an internal uprising or foreign invaders, depending on who you ask), but it's never been completely deserted, since the ruins have always been a magnet for squatters, archeologists, and hordes of tourists. Read More >>

This Giant Mesh Wall Acts Like an Air Filter for Mexico City

The best way to deal with smog is to make less of it, but it's too late to just do that. And when it comes to cleaning up your already polluted air, mesh structures like this one in Mexico City are a stylish way to filter a whole city's worth of air. Read More >>

Apple Tries to Sue iFone in Mexico... And Loses

What's this? Has Apple really been beaten by a smaller company? Apparently so. It seems Apple bit off a little more than it could chew this time, as it's suffered a defeat in court, after seeking an injunction in Mexico against a company called 'iFone'. Read More >>

Stretching and Flexibility: Olympian Advice For Lazy Giz Readers

Oh, to be as stretchy as a gymnast; a carefree life full of surfing the internet with my legs behind my head, and opening doors with my feet when my hands are full. Elsa Garcia, Mexico's poster girl for London 2012, brags that she's flexible enough to do all that and more. I spoke to the Olympic gymnast between training sessions and got the lowdown for all the lazy Gizmodians out there. Read More >>

Pictures of Men Lying Down In Trucks Makes Hitching a Ride Look Uncomfortable

This photo series by Alejandro Cartagena shows the life of some workers in Monterrey, Mexico who share a ride to work by cramming themselves into a truck bed. It's sort of hilarious until you realise this is life — lying down before work in a truck is their snooze and hot shower. Read More >>

Mexican Army Shuts Down Zeta Drug Cartel's Encrypted Mobile Phone Network

After Anonymous had its little on-again, off-again dealings with the Zeta drug cartel, the Mexican army has stepped in to cut the drug lords off-the-air. The Zetas were apparently running their own encrypted communications network -- not your average run of the mill junkies-come-dealers that's for sure. Read More >>

Anonymous Anti-Zeta OpCartel Cancelled After Caught Member Freed

According to Anonymous Iberoamerica, OpCartel has been canned following the release of the supposed kidnapped Anonymous member by the Zeta drug cartel. A statement on the 'Official Blog' called an end to the action. Read More >>

Anonymous Split Over War With Zetas

Looks like Operation Cartel has split the Anonymous collective with some backing down over real fears of reprisals from the Zeta drug cartel, who recently hung two bloggers and decapitated a social-media reporter as a warning to 'online snitches'. Read More >>


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