What a Chicken Nugget Looks Like Under the Microscope

There is no nugget on a chicken. There are breasts, there are wings, there are thighs, there are drumsticks. But there are no nuggets. So what is the chicken nugget made of then? We've seen the alien pink goop but now it's time to see what the nugget looks like under the microscope. According to researchers from the University of Mississippi, it's barely chicken. Read More >>

How To Use a Laser Pointer to Turn Your Smartphone Into a Microscope

We've seen ways to turn smartphones into a DIY microscopes before, but they always require buying something kind of exotic, like a ball lens, or an actual microscope. This new take from Yoshinok on Instructables just requires £6, a shitty laser pointer, and little bit of makin'. Read More >>

Why Microscope Slides Should Hang in the Louvre

You might think that a museum adding 2000 new exhibits would need to build a whole new wing. But the latest additions to London's Grant Museum of Zoology all fit into a space the size of a large wardrobe: they're vintage glass microscope slides, bearing specimens taken from everything from fleas to whales. Read More >>

This 281-Gigapixel Image Depicts an Entire Animal at the Cellular Level

This might just look like a microscope image of some strange, small life-form. But actually it's a view of a massive 281-gigapixel image of a zebrafish embryo, which can be zoomed in on to show sub-cellular levels of detail. Read More >>

Micro Organisms Make For One Mind-Bending Music Video

Watch this trippy video of microscopic creatures to make up for all those times you've looked through a microscope and been disappointed. Read More >>

Instantly Turn Your Phone Into an Impromptu Microscope With Just Water

Water and smartphones aren’t normally a marriage made in heaven; apart from the new Asian waterproof phone invasion we’re waiting for of course. But a single water droplet can turn your crummy phone camera into an instant microscope for absolutely free. Read More >>

The Best Microscopic Videos of the Year

Every year, Nikon's Small World in Motion Competition rounds up the best microscopic videos from scientists across the world. The results are strange but beautiful, and the winner will make you think about your breakfast in a completely different light. Read More >>

View Small Things On Your iPhone With This £20 Microscope Mod

UC-Davis researchers developed a lens that'll turn your iPhone or any camera-enabled smartphone into a 350X microscope. The mod is a simple 1-mm ball lens mounted in rubber that's taped to your phone's camera. It costs no more than £25. Read More >>


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