Genius Microscope Made From Folded Paper Could Help Fight Malaria

The light microscope changed science and medicine forever, but in the 400-plus years since it was invented, this crucial piece of equipment has become rather expensive and fragile. Manu Prakash and his team have designed a brilliant solution—an origami microscope that costs less than 30 pence to make. Read More >>

How the Microscope Transformed Science Forever

The microscope is a staple of the scientific community, allowing researchers to study what's too small to be seen by the naked eye. But how exactly did it rise to such notoriety? Read More >>

This Smartphone-Powered Microscope Now Even Works Underwater

Sometimes, you never knew you wanted something until someone drops it in your lap. That's exactly what Bodelin Technologies has done with their smartphone-powered ProScope Micro Mobile microscope. This genius little thing now works underwater. Read More >>

16 Incredible Animals and Landscapes You Can Only See With a Microscope

The electron microscope is a fascinating scientific device—it uses an electron beam to illuminate a specimen, magnifying it up to 10 million times. With it, scientists can look deep into the substance of the world that surrounds us—and find another world, very similar to ours. Read More >>

How Scientists Hacked a Normal Microscope Into a Gigapixel Superscope

Microscopes are a dime a dozen in universities, so there's plenty of fun to be had hacking 'em any way you can — like a team of researchers from Caltech, who have developed a cheap and easy way to increase their resolution by a factor of 100. Read More >>

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OMG These Images of the Sub-Microscopic World Are Amazing

Optical microscopes are limited by a phenomenon known as the diffraction barrier, wherein the microscope can't differentiate two objects separated by less than half the wavelength of light used—roughly 200 nm on average for the visible spectrum. But by combining powerful optics and cutting-edge rendering algorithms, GE's new DeltaVision OMX Blaze is bringing this hidden realm's drama to light. Read More >>

This Is the Closest Look We've Ever Gotten of a Neuron's Moving Parts

Scientists just captured the most detailed footage of a single neuron in action ever. In the timelapse video above you can even see individual proteins moving through different pathways within the cell. This is what your feelings look like. Read More >>

You'll Need a Microscope To Read the Fine Print on These Business Cards

Italian ad agency Enfants Terribles specialises in viral advertising. And to practice what they preach, the company's business cards are printed on lab slides and feature a fake company name—Ebolaindustries—and pseudonyms for all its staff, like Mrs. Grey. Read More >>

Turn Your Smartphone Into a Microscope Viewfinder

Staring down a microscope is an expensive, tedious, neck and back wrenching affair. So, I'm all for anything that makes it easier and cheaper. This smartphone adapter allows you to quickly use your phone as a viewfinder for any microscope. Read More >>


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