How the Microscope Transformed Science Forever

The microscope is a staple of the scientific community, allowing researchers to study what's too small to be seen by the naked eye. But how exactly did it rise to such notoriety? Read More >>

This is What HIV Looks Like When it Infects Living Cells

This monochrome image of living tissue has some extremely unwelcome visitors lurking within it. Taken from some of the first ever 3D images of HIV at work, those little blue circles show the virus infecting the surrounding cells. Read More >>

Behold the Monstrous Beauty of This Year's Coolest Microscopic Images

Mouse brains! Bat embryos! Hungry algae! Today, Olympus unveiled the winners of the tenth annual BioScapes photography competition, which showcases the best photography captured through light microscopes. The top ten were chosen from a mind-boggling 2,100 entries. Read More >>

How Scientists Hacked a Normal Microscope Into a Gigapixel Superscope

Microscopes are a dime a dozen in universities, so there's plenty of fun to be had hacking 'em any way you can — like a team of researchers from Caltech, who have developed a cheap and easy way to increase their resolution by a factor of 100. Read More >>

Why Microscope Slides Should Hang in the Louvre

You might think that a museum adding 2000 new exhibits would need to build a whole new wing. But the latest additions to London's Grant Museum of Zoology all fit into a space the size of a large wardrobe: they're vintage glass microscope slides, bearing specimens taken from everything from fleas to whales. Read More >>

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This Is Not a Brain

You are not looking at a human brain. Nor for that matter are you looking at the brain of any living creature. In fact, this is a scanning electron microscope image of a tiny little seed of a plant called Rumia crithmifolia. Read More >>

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Your Morning Caffeine Shot, Up Close

This isn't a sweet. Nor is it splinters of wood from a multi-coloured tree. In fact, it's a false-coloured scanning electron micrograph showing caffeine crystals in close-up detail. No wonder the stuff gets you going first thing in the morning. Read More >>

The Best Microscopic Videos of the Year

Every year, Nikon's Small World in Motion Competition rounds up the best microscopic videos from scientists across the world. The results are strange but beautiful, and the winner will make you think about your breakfast in a completely different light. Read More >>


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