This is the World's Fastest MicroSD Card (for Now)

It's easy enough to find ultra-fast SD cards—if you've got the cash—but super speedy microSD cards are harder to come by. No longer: Toshiba has just launched the world's fastest, and it should breathe life into your compact mirrorless camera. Read More >>

This MicroSD Card Packs Massive Capacity into a Minute Form Factor

At the company's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, SanDisk announced the single largest-capacity MicroSD card ever created. This tiny storage medium offers an unprecedented 128GB of space, but don't expect it to come cheap. Read More >>

In Association With SONY
Recycle Your Old microSD Cards Into an SSD Drive

Instead of giving your unwanted memory cards away to your parents, or putting them someplace safe where they'll inevitably get lost, this easy-to-build kit lets you turn a bunch of unused microSD cards into a far more useful SSD drive. Read More >>

You Should Be Able to Install Apps to Your SD Card on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Soon

Rumour has it that a firmware update for Samsung's bloat-ridden Galaxy S4 is rolling out right now in Germany. Within this golden piece of code is hidden the ability to install apps to the microSD card, which, considering there's not exactly a boat load of space left on board after the OS, could come in handy. Bug fixes, HDR video, and a couple of other bits and pieces are covered too. [SamMobile] Read More >>

Beat Royal Mail's Jacked-Up Stamp Prices With Your "Screw Email, I Still Use Snail Mail" Deal of the Day

As you may be aware, the Royal Mail yesterday stuck the knife deep into the heart of all of us, with their announcement of horrific stamp price increases. Read More >>

A Cheap Electronic Cigarette Bundle Is Your "Because I Just Can't Give Up" Deal of the Day

Today, we’re not just going to save you some money, we could also help to save your life. Yes, that IS our serious face that’s staring at you from out of your computer screen. Read More >>


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