Microsoft Appeal to Users' Honour as Office for iPad Loophole is Found

You may have noticed that an iPad version of Microsoft Office was released on Thursday, which was a massive improvement on the iPhone version since you can use basic features without a £100 Office 365 subscription. Well now it turns out that with a bit of fiddling you can access more than the basic features without a subscription. Get in! Read More >>

Microsoft Office Finally Comes to the iPad Today, and it's Free(mium)

It's coming up on a year(ish) since the original release of Microsoft Office for iOS, but in all that time there's been no iPad-specific version to be found. And now it's here as of noon today (PST), as a gift from Microsoft's new cloud-guru CEO Satya Nadella. Read More >>

Google Adds on Third-Party Plugins for Docs and Sheets

Google's just added third-party plugins to Google Docs and Sheets. Called Add-Ons, they enable tasks like printing address labels or getting approvals on documents—similar to the apps Microsoft Office users are familiar with. Read More >>

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Blag Yourself Six Months of Free Microsoft Office With This Quick Hack

Microsoft's Office suite is a necessary evil for many of us. While we'd love to say we never need Word, PowerPoint, or sodding Excel, chances are you do, and quite often. Now a handy little hack lets you bag Office 365 free for a whole six months. Read More >>

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Office 365 Home Premium: This Is as Good as Word Gets

You're never going to love Office, because it's Office — it's the thing you use to make money and do things you actually enjoy. But that doesn't mean it can't be (relatively) painless, affordable, and smart. Starting today, it is. Read More >>

Report: Microsoft Office Will Hit iOS and Android Next Spring

Oh, boy. Here we go again. Microsoft Office had reportedly been confirmed for iOS and Android, and should be available on both platforms in March 2013. Why should we believe this now more than the previous rodeos? Because this time, it comes from Microsoft itself. Read More >>

Microsoft: "PDF Is Where Documents Go to Die"

Love it or hate it, the humble PDF is everywhere in our "paperless" society. It's not exactly the easiest of formats to actually work with though, unless you're just printing something in a virtual form. According to Microsoft it's a "roach motel for data". Read More >>

Hands On The New Microsoft Office: It's Finally Getting Better

Does anyone really want to use Microsoft Office? Of course not. It's a work tool. It's a utility. But does it have to be so utilitarian? So bleak? No—not anymore. The new Office is the best Office. Read More >>

How to Run OnLive's Remote Microsoft Office on OS X, For Free

Even if you're a Microsoft Office hater, sometimes it's extremely useful to have access to its features. Well, here's a quick way to achieve that on OS X, for free, using OnLive's Desktop service. Read More >>

Is This the End of the Mac Malware Safe-Haven?

Yet another OS X Trojan has been spotted stalking the wilds of the internet. It targets Java again, but this time comes in via good old Microsoft Office. Is the presumed natural immunity to malware Macs have enjoyed for decades coming to an end? Read More >>

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Official Microsoft Office Suite For the iPad On the Way

The Daily managed to get its iPad-loving mitts on a working prototype of Microsoft’s Office app for Apple’s tablet, which apparently features interface cues taken from Redmond’s existing OneNote app with a decent pinch of Metro rolled in for good measure. Read More >>


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