Microsoft Surface Pro Launching Here on May 23

Microsoft's higher-end tablet dream will be available in the UK next week, with Microsoft giving the folding tab a May 23 launch date. The Surface Pro will cost a stonking great £719 for the 64GB Core i5 Windows 8 machine, rising to £799 if you'd prefer the 128GB unit. You might want to read our Surface Pro review before investing that sort of life-changing sum in a thing to use to look at Twitter. [Microsoft Store] Read More >>

The Microsoft Surface Pro Is Finally Coming to the UK

We've waited long enough. After getting Microsoft's Surface RT late, we're finally going to get its bigger brother, the fully-fledged Surface Pro, but not until the end of May. Well, before the end of May, but that normally means May 31st. Is it too much future too soon? We can't wait to find out for ourselves. [Microsoft] Read More >>

The Surface Pro Is Coming to the UK Soon, Probably

For those of you waiting to get your grubby mitts on the full-blooded Windows 8 version of Microsoft's tablet revolution, we have good news. The Surface Pro is coming to the UK soon, possibly even by the end of March, maybe. Thanks Microsoft, but it'd be nice to have a firm date, you know, so we can plan for the £700-odd outlay. [Microsoft] Read More >>

The Microsoft Surface Pro Running OS X Must Have Steve Jobs Turning in His Grave

It's just a more-or-less just a standard PC in a tablet frame, so of course the Surface Pro can probably run OS X -- almost any modern X86-based PC can these days. But should you run OS X on the Microsoft Surface Pro? One intrepid hackintosher seemingly decided to give it a whirl. Read More >>

Microsoft Surface Pro Review: Too Much Future?

The Microsoft Surface was the biggest new tech of 2012. Its first iteration — Surface RT, a confusingly named and marketed tablet-with-a-keyboard — bombed. Pretty hard. So why believe in the full-powered Surface Pro? Simple. It's a braver and more divergent take on the laptop-tablet convergence than anyone else has risked so far. Read More >>

If You Thought Just 83GB Out of the 128GB Surface Pro Was Bad...

Oh dear Microsoft. I know you've slapped a microSD slot on your tablets, unlike others, but seriously. Having just 84GB of usable space on a 128GB-rated tablet was bad enough, but reducing a 64GB Surface Pro to just 23GB of usable space is a complete joke. This is a full-blown Windows 8 PC for crying out loud. [The Verge] Read More >>

"128GB" Microsoft Surface Pro Only Offers 83GB of Usable Space

The standard Windows 8 Surface tablets came in for some stick, thanks to the Windows files eating up 13GB of hard drive space. That's nothing compared to Windows 8 Pro, which requires an astonishing 45GB of the Surface Pro's disk space for its files. Read More >>

How Much Would You Actually Pay For Microsoft's Surface Pro?

Microsoft's finally announced release dates and prices for the Surface Pro with full-blown Windows 8 for the US and Canada. Sadly, the UK's fat out of luck for the time being, and the prices? Well, let's just say it's not going to come cheap. But how much is too much, for an all-singing, all-dancing Microsoft-made tablet-come-laptop? Read More >>

Microsoft Surface Pro Hands-On: This Is What It Should Have Been All Along

Surface RT was an enormous letdown—not because it was bad, but because it could have been so, so good. But Microsoft brought the Pro version to Vegas and let us play—and I couldn't be happier. Read More >>

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Rumour: The Surface Pro Will Arrive On January 29th

Those waiting to see if the Surface Pro is any better than the Surface RT won't have long to wait. According to 'sources close to Redmond', it should show its head on January 29th and be on sale before February. Shame the Touch Cover will still be an extra 100 smackers. [Softpedia via Neowin] Read More >>

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Microsoft Surface Pro Will Be Out in January—And Costs More Than a MacBook Air

Microsoft Surface RT didn't quite live up to Microsoft's promise of a true next-generation device, but you know what might? Microsoft Surface Pro. The good news: the Intel-powered ultrabookish tablet mash-up will be out in just a couple of months. The bad news? It might cost more than you want to spend. Read More >>


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