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Surface RT Jailbreak Gets the Thumbs Up From Microsoft

Way to go Microsoft; this is the way to keep hackers onside. It's looked at the Surface jailbreak for Windows RT that lets you run unsigned, homebrew apps, and has declared it safe. Windows RT homebrew is go. Read More >>

microsoft surface
Speed Up the Microsoft Surface RT With One Tiny Hack

Now that hackers have sunk their teeth well and truly into the Microsoft Surface RT, loads of things are being probed, including lag. Apparently, with a tiny registry edit, you can speed up the Surface RT no end and eliminate touch lag. Here's how. Read More >>

Microsoft Surface Gets Jailbroken, Only to Run Mac OS

Microsoft's iron grip over what can and can't run on the Surface RT has been broken. Now you can turn the Surface into the iPad we've always wanted, running full-blown Mac OS. Read More >>

Dropbox Is Finally on Windows 8 'Modern UI'

Hooray, the Microsoft Surface just got slightly more useful. A Dropbox app for Windows 8's Metro modern UI is finally available. If you've got true Win 8 on your machine, I'm guessing you've already got the x86 Windows Dropbox app, but now you can have two. Awesome? [Windows Store] Read More >>

microsoft surface
Rumour: The Surface Pro Will Arrive On January 29th

Those waiting to see if the Surface Pro is any better than the Surface RT won't have long to wait. According to 'sources close to Redmond', it should show its head on January 29th and be on sale before February. Shame the Touch Cover will still be an extra 100 smackers. [Softpedia via Neowin] Read More >>

A Wii U or Microsoft Surface Is Your Work-or-Play Deal of the Day

We're dizzy with New Technology Fever here in Dealz Corner today. All the shiny, brand spanking new stuff, and yours for some pretty reasonable prices too. Read More >>

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Want a Microsoft Surface? You Can Now Buy Them From John Lewis

Despite it being the Surface packing the worst of Windows 8's mixed-up UI (desktop Office, really?), without the benefits of being able to, you know, actually run Windows applications, the Windows RT-packing Surface could be your perfect tablet. Maybe. Now you can actually buy one in the UK, on the High Street too. Read More >>

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7 Ways to Save the Microsoft Surface

It has a more dynamic interface. It has Office inside. It can run two apps on the same screen. And it has a USB port and a built-in kickstand. The iPad has none of these things, and the Microsoft Surface does. So why does Microsoft's first tablet already seem to be on the ropes? Read More >>

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Are You Ready for Microsoft Surface 2?

Although Microsoft itself has admitted that initial sales of its Surface tablets have been on the "modest" side of expectations, that hasn't stopped it from pushing ahead with plans for a second generation of Surface hardware. Read More >>

Oprah's Surface Raves Are Coming From an iPad

Earlier this month, Oprah gave Microsoft Surface a rave review, and since then, she's been keeping up the positive chatter about it on Twitter. The catch? She's been doing it with an iPad. Or at least, her social media intern has. Read More >>

Man Sues Microsoft Instead of Just Sticking an SD Card Into His Surface

OK, it's a bit odd that the 32GB Surface actually only turns up with 16GB of space, because Windows RT takes up half of it, but suing Microsoft? Really? Why don't you just stick an SD in there and call it a day? What's wrong with you? Read More >>

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Microsoft Surface Display Shoot-Out: Does It Beat the iPad?

The new Windows tablets, led by Microsoft's Surface, provide a third major family of tablets for consumers and the computing world. The significance and stakes are enormous because tablets are among the most important developments in computing and consumer products in the last 20 years. Like Google's Android tablets, the Windows tablets will be made by many different manufacturers. And just like Google's Nexus, which provides reference designs for the Android product line, Microsoft is producing its own Surface tablets for the Windows product line. Read More >>

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What an iPad and Microsoft Surface Parody Commercial Looks Like

Cheery piano music and then *drop* DUBSTEP BOW WAH KEKEKEKE CHIGGCHIGGCHIGG BADOOM chop your stupid hand off music. It's kind of hilarious to see the two tablets (and its ad strategy) next to each other, no? Read More >>

Microsoft Surface: The Oprah Benchmarks Are In

Microsoft Surface has just received its most important endorsement — a spot on Oprah’s Favourite Things 2012. Here’s Oprah’s stellar review: Read More >>

Microsoft Surface Teardown: A Great Big Puzzle of Guts

iFixit has dissected Microsoft Surface to get a look at its innards and found it only slightly easier to dissemble than many of the latest Apple gadgets, which haven't exactly been a picnic to take apart. Read More >>

microsoft surface
Microsoft Surface RT Review: This Is Technological Heartbreak

Surface was the single biggest genuine tech surprise of the year so far. Microsoft tantalised us with a tablet that made the iPad look stale. Its snap-on keyboard made all laptops look immediately old fashioned. And it promised The Future of Computers. Read More >>


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