The Best Windows Tablet Display Doesn't Come From Microsoft

A new generation of Windows tablets has arrived with the launch of the Microsoft Surface 2, their second generation tablet, and the Nokia Lumia 2520, Nokia's first ever tablet. With virtually identical functionality and OS software, it is the quality and performance of their displays that really differentiates the tablets. Read More >>

Surface 2 Review: One Step Forward, Two Steps Behind

The Surface RT was Microsoft's brassy if ultimately flawed to drop a cannonball in the placid, iPad and Kindle-dominated tablet pool. It didn't quite work out. With the Surface 2, Microsoft is taking the opportunity to say "No guys, but really," with a blistering, scary sort of confidence. Read More >>

Microsoft Will Announce the Surface 2 on September 23rd

Microsoft just sent out invitations for an event in New York City on Monday September 23rd, two weeks from today. It will be showing off the new Surface. Which is to say, it's going to be showing us the future of Microsoft. Read More >>

Microsoft Surface 2 Coming to Lose Microsoft Loads More Money

Despite costing Microsoft an enormous amount of money already, the software giant is seemingly set to continue its push into Microsoft-brand tablet hardware, with benchmarks suggesting a Surface 2 is on the way. And it'll be joined by a Pro model, too. Read More >>

microsoft surface
Abject Surface RT Failure Cuts Another Deep Gash in Microsoft's Accounts, Despite $1bn Extra Ad Spend

Microsoft has released new financial data that shows how poorly its Surface tablets have been performing, revealing that it earned just $853m (£560m) in sales from the tablet range last year. And it's already written off $900m in inventory discounts. Ouch. Read More >>

microsoft surface
Flop Surface Tablets Smashed a £590m Hole in Microsoft's Accounts

Surface is officially a financial disaster for Microsoft, with the tablet scheme making headlines of the wrong sort in its latest set of accounts. For the last business quarter, MS booked a $900m loss thanks to its latest spectacular hardware flop. Read More >>

The Surface Type and Touch Covers Are Getting More Functional

If you looked at the Microsoft Surface Type and Touch Cover keyboards and wanted more keys, you'll be getting them. Well, sort of. Microsoft is updating the keyboard to add the ability to toggle between what the keys on the top row do. It's a little bit confusing but if you love your function keys, you'll definitely know your way around. Read More >>

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Windows 8 Tablets Now Own 7.4 Per Cent of the Tab Market

Microsoft's Windows 8 and RT tablets have seemingly got off to a bit of a flyer, with number crunchers estimating Windows is now the OS on 7.4 per cent of all portable tabs. Not a bad beginning given the fashionable and cheap Apple and Android onslaught. Read More >>

WSJ: Microsoft Is Working on a 7-Inch Surface

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft is currently developing a new line of Surface tablets, including a 7-inch version, which should go into mass production later this year. Read More >>

The Surface Pro Is Coming to the UK Soon, Probably

For those of you waiting to get your grubby mitts on the full-blooded Windows 8 version of Microsoft's tablet revolution, we have good news. The Surface Pro is coming to the UK soon, possibly even by the end of March, maybe. Thanks Microsoft, but it'd be nice to have a firm date, you know, so we can plan for the £700-odd outlay. [Microsoft] Read More >>

The Microsoft Surface Pro Running OS X Must Have Steve Jobs Turning in His Grave

It's just a more-or-less just a standard PC in a tablet frame, so of course the Surface Pro can probably run OS X -- almost any modern X86-based PC can these days. But should you run OS X on the Microsoft Surface Pro? One intrepid hackintosher seemingly decided to give it a whirl. Read More >>

7 Worst Battery Life-Guzzling Gadgets

There is a disturbing trend in the gadget world, and it's that laptop, tablet and phone makers aren't taking battery life seriously enough. Yes, having touch on a Windows 8 notebook is great, but not if the computer lasts an hour and a half less than one without that capability. And what good is a smartphone with an HD display and superfast processor if you have to plug it in around lunchtime? Read More >>

If You Thought Just 83GB Out of the 128GB Surface Pro Was Bad...

Oh dear Microsoft. I know you've slapped a microSD slot on your tablets, unlike others, but seriously. Having just 84GB of usable space on a 128GB-rated tablet was bad enough, but reducing a 64GB Surface Pro to just 23GB of usable space is a complete joke. This is a full-blown Windows 8 PC for crying out loud. [The Verge] Read More >>

"128GB" Microsoft Surface Pro Only Offers 83GB of Usable Space

The standard Windows 8 Surface tablets came in for some stick, thanks to the Windows files eating up 13GB of hard drive space. That's nothing compared to Windows 8 Pro, which requires an astonishing 45GB of the Surface Pro's disk space for its files. Read More >>

Microsoft's Got a Fix Coming For Borked Surface RTs But Not Till February

Microsoft has acknowledged that it's managed to screw up a Windows RT update right-royally on the Surface RT, and it promises it's going to fix it, as you'd expect. Thing is, you'll have to hold out till February and update via the, errr, broken Windows Update. Hmm, this might be tricky. [ZDnet] Read More >>

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Is Your Microsoft Surface RT Borked a Little Since the Last Update?

It seems despite knowing precisely what hardware Microsoft's got to install its stuff on, it's still not managed to iron out its notoriously buggy Windows update. Surface RT users are complaining the last Windows update has borked their tablets. Any Surface owners having issues? Read More >>


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