The Microwave: Invented by Mistake

Somehow the humble microwave oven always appears to be a device from the near future, but the truth is, it’s been irradiating our food into readiness for decades now. So long in fact, that if it were a person it would be pulling a pension already. We decided to take a look at the history of this device which changed kitchens forever despite being invented by my mistake. Read More >>

Other Kitchen Devices Can Harness Power from Your Microwave

When your microwave is sitting there glowing and spinning inside, do you ever wonder where all those stray rays of energy go? Turns out they usually just slip out the door, into thin air. But a Japanese scientist has found a way to harness that power and use it to juice your other appliances. Read More >>

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Microwaving a Highlighter Is So Dumb But Looks So Impossibly Cool

You probably shouldn't try this at home, but if you do, some video would be appreciated. Thanks. [Reddit via Buzzfeed] Read More >>

How Your Microwave Actually Works

Whatever energy you spend fussing with your microwave, testing out different power levels and durations, is wasted. It's about time you knew that. Because despite all your efforts, your food can only come out one of two ways: ice-cold, or mouth-singeing. Read More >>

Researchers Can Make Bread Stay Fresh for 60 Days

Most foods deteriorate over time, but bread's a major culprit, often going stale after just a couple of days. Now, though, a US research company claims to be able to make your loaf stay fresh for up to 60 whole days. Read More >>

Microwave Vending Machine Serves Up Hot and Cold Snacks

The guilt of spending your uni years dining from vending machines could be a thing of the past with a new model that serves up a piping hot meal alongside a cold drink. A company called EatWave Vending has created a refrigerated machine with a microwave inside, letting it automatically nuke pre-packaged items like burritos and sandwiches. Read More >>

Is This the Most Beautiful Microwave Ever Created? I Say Yes

The microwave is an appliance without glory. You throw in your bag of un-popped kernels, some leftover Chinese food, whatever. Your slop is reanimated by The Power of the Atom, and you save time. But this microwave is different. Read More >>

How a Microwave Oven Actually Works

We all have a little box in our kitchen that heats food up in minutes. But how the hell does it do that? Witchcraft? Not quite. Actually, microwaves cause water molecules in your food to move back and forth rapidly, and the resulting friction causes it to heat up. Read More >>

If Microwaves Can't Make Food Taste Good, They Should At Least Look Good

We don't need much out of our microwaves. Those leftovers will be soggy and rubbery regardless of how good it is. But its convenience is indisputable, and if it's going to take up space on the kitchen counter, it might as well look good. Enter Big Chill's Microwave Oven. Read More >>

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Microwaves Destroying Everything. Slowly.

If mankind can ever reconcile its determination to construct edifices with its lust for things exploding in slow motion, we will have unlocked our essence as a species—tête à tête with God herself. Until then, enjoy shit bustin'. Read More >>

Whirlpool's MAX Microwave Looks More Futuristic than the Space Shuttle

Or at least it sure pretends to be! The spherical unit doesn't look like any microwave we've ever seen, owing mostly to its wonderful sci-fi form, but also that dubious under-lighting. Sort of Kubrick meets Vin Diesel. Read More >>

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Musical Microwave Alerts You With MP3s Instead Of Annoying Beeps

The only thing more annoying than a beeping alarm clock is a beeping microwave. So with help from their ad agency, an Argentinian appliance maker has created a limited edition model that plays MP3s when cooking is complete. Read More >>


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