Not Up For Backing a Death Star? How About an X-Wing Instead?

So, you didn't think backing the Death Star on Kickstarter was worth your hard-earned cash? How about an X-Wing instead? Yes, that's right, you too can get in at the ground level and help the Rebel Alliance build an X-Wing squadron to take on the might of the Imperial open-source Death Star -- only £7 million needed. Read More >>

Star Wars Fan Builds a Docking Bay For His Millennium Falcon

Why yes, that is a LEGO Millennium Falcon perched inside a diorama of Docking Bay 327, the scene of Obi-Wan and Darth Vader's battle. It was created by German builder David Wagner and measures an impressive 90cm x 100cm. The project required roughly 10,500 bricks, four months, and £860 to complete. Read More >>


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