Cheapo 28p Aldi Mince Pies Smash the Posh Competition in Ultimate Christmas Taste Test

Self-appointed consumer watchdog Which? had a whale of a time recently, buying mince pies from all the major retailers on work expenses and comparing them against each other in a taste test. And the cheapest option, from budget supermarket chain Aldi, beat them all. Even the poshos from Fortnum's. Read More >>

Too Early For Mince Pies It May be, But Mince Pie-Flavoured Popcorn Is OK. Right?

Citing years of research and development, Joe & Seph's flavoured popcorn has landed on Firebox's shelves. Novelty flavours such as mince pie; goat's cheese and black pepper; caramel, pepper and chilli, and caramel and espresso cost £6 for 130g bags. You'll be pleased to hear I've already requested a roast dinner flavour for the future. [Firebox] Read More >>


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