Minecraft VR is the First Casualty of Facebook's Oculus Rift Buyout

Facebook's buyout of promising virtual reality company Oculus (makers of the Oculus Rift headset) has split the gaming community right down the middle. And it's alienated at least one high profile developer -- Markus Persson, creator of Minecraft. Read More >>

Minecraft Maker is Pulling a Lego and Working on a Film Adaptation

They're going to make a film out of Minecraft, says the developer of the series, and given how popular the free-world building game is with kids it's a guaranteed £1bn blockbuster. Game creator Notch says his team's fleshing out a deal with Warner Bros. right now. [Twitter via Eurogamer] Read More >>

Apple Users Blew £7.9 Billion on iTunes in 2013

Apple's released new stats about how much god-damn money it has, revealing that £609 million was spent on iOS apps in December alone. This took 2013's total spend to £7.9bn, or, to put it in a way that sounds even more exciting, ten billion dollars. iOS Minecraft was the most popular UK buy. [Metro] Read More >>

Genius Intern Builds Ordnance Survey Minecraft Map of Great Britain

A staggering Minecraft map constructed of around 22 billion blocks has been published by the Ordnance Survey, with our legendary national mapping unit building a realistic 224,000 square kilometre map of the entirety of Great Britain. Read More >>

Play Minecraft Creator's New FPS Game, Right Now

It's Monday afternoon, and we're all bored out of our minds by spreadsheets (that's why you're here, right?). Nuke that boredom right in your browser with Markus "Notch" Persson's new free game Shambles, part of the seven-day FPS creation challenge. Read More >>

Minecraft is Heading to the Xbox One

Minecraft has already been a huge hit on the Xbox 360, so it's no real surprise that it's heading to the One. But hey, at least we now know we can get our virtual-Lego fixation for the next gen of gaming consoles. Read More >>

Minecrift Combines Minecraft with Oculus Rift to Create Nerd Heaven on Earth

A fan-made Minecraft mod Minecrift has added Oculus Rift support to block-building world sim Minecraft, letting players immerse themselves in the adult LEGO simulator like never before. Read More >>

This is the New, Free Browser Game From the Creator of Minecraft

Bored this Monday lunchtime? Check out Drop, the new free-to-play browser game from Notch, the creator of the epic Minecraft. It's like Mavis Beacon slammed into Super Hexagon. Addictive and useful. It's practically, err, educational. Read More >>

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Mario Kart 64 Made Within Minecraft Is the Best Use of Minecraft

You've got to love Minecraft. You can make literally anything in it, limited only by your imagination and, err, free time. And what better way to spend your Minecrafting day than playing the legendary Mario Kart 64, lovingly recreated in the best way possible? This is awesome. Read More >>

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It Took Four Months to Recreate Jurassic Park in Minecraft, But It Was Totally Worth It

If you're not interested in watching Jurassic Park with three Ds, here's something that might change your mind: Jurassic Park, completely recreated in Minecraft. Take a tour of the magical world; it's so amazing and just as awe-inspiring as the movie version. Read More >>

Could Minecraft Actually Be the Ultimate Educational Tool?

Playing the video game Minecraft is a joke that writes itself. Ooh, look at nerds building the world they want to live in! But it's actually engaging, like playing with a digital Lego. Could it also be the ultimate educational tool? PBS' Idea Channel examines Minecraft's case for wrinkling our brain. Read More >>

You Can Now Play Minecraft on Your Raspberry Pi For Absolutely Free

Yes, the Pi-machine keeps on getting better and better. Not only is there a stable release of XBMC waiting for you, your Raspberry Pi can also now play Minecraft, and for absolutely nothing too. Read More >>

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Minecraft Reality: Drop Minecraft Creations Into Real Life

If you've ever found yourself wishing you could find items you built in Minecraft out in the real world, your dreams just came true. Read More >>

Yep, the Raspberry Pi Will Play Minecraft

Is there anything the remarkable Rasperry Pi can't do? After blazing through Quake 3 without issue, the Pi's got a brand new trick up its sleeve: Mincrafting. Read More >>

Rules of App Action: The 10 Best Action Games for the GALAXY Note II

OK, we all know the Samsung GALAXY Note II can help you make the most of your real life. But there’s more to life than reality, right? That’s why the slimline body of the GALAXY Note II contains a powerful quad-core processor and an HD Super AMOLED screen that take action games (and your gaming skills) to the limit – and beyond! Here’s our pick of the best action games around for the GALAXY Note II… Read More >>

All Together Now: The 10 Best Social Games for the GALAXY Note II

The GALAXY Note II has a big, game-friendly screen and a big, game-friendly processor at its core, so it’s no surprise to find that it also boasts a big, game-friendly community, eager to play each other using the phone’s super-fast connectivity. Read More >>


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