This Mini-Gun Spits out 90 Death-Dealing Rounds in Just 1.25 Seconds

What truly wondrous times we live in when, while half the world goes hungry and preventable diseases run rife, we still manage to find innovative new ways to kill each other en-masse, at speed. Inspirational. Read More >>

That's It, Slingshots Can't Possibly Get More Insane Than This Fully-Automatic Minigun

Slingshot lover and—let's face it—borderline maniac (in the best way) Joerg Sprave definitely took things to one extreme when he created an enormous slingshot cannon that fired ridiculous chainsaw halberds. Not to be outdone, even by himself, he's back at it with another ludicrous invention that goes with speed over size: a fully automatic slingshot mini gun. Really, what could top this? Read More >>


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