Pay More As You Go as Vodafone Profits From Rounding Up Calls

Vodafone's about to make a rather huge change to the way it charges its PAYG customers for calls, with the network deciding to start charging by the minute rather than the second. And it's rounding everything up. Read More >>

O2 Separates Phone From Minutes to Satisfy Upgrade Cravings

The new O2 Refresh contract option from the mobile network sees it offer customers a separate contract for their calling plan and mobile phone, making it less of a fiddle to switch handsets mid-contract. Read More >>

O2 Wants You to Stay Stay Stay With its Pay & Go Go Go

Pay & Go Go Go is the new name for the results of O2's latest fiddling with its PAYG contracts, which give users cashback and more minutes and data for showing some level of commitment to the network. Read More >>

O2 Goes On & On With New Unlimited Mobile SIM Deal

O2's launched a new mobile contract option its calling On & On, which gives new and existing users an unlimited number of calling minutes and texts, plus the chance to use the data part of the bundle when tethering another gadget. Read More >>

T-Mobile Launches 'Full Monty' Plan With Unlimited Minutes, Texts and Data

T-Mobile has launched a new calling and data plan it's calling The Full Monty, which it claims is the first in the UK to remove all restrictions and fair use monitoring from mobile data, calling minutes and SMS messages. Read More >>


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