Feeding Digital Images Through This Mirror Will Warp Your Mind

There's a lot of lore about what we see in mirrors, or what happens if we go through the looking glass. This vaguely sinister app offers some control of the situation. Unsigned Mirror is an openFrameworks Windows and Mac app written by the art and technology group Unsigned Long Long. Read More >>

See How Fat and Wrinkled You'll Get if You Don't Calm Down on the Red Wine

The Scottish government has launched its latest war of the ravages of alcohol abuse, which includes a smartphone app that attempts to illustrate the harsh ageing effects brought on by the happy sauce. Read More >>

iPhone 4 Mirror Back Replacement Is Perfect For Both Makeup and Cocaine

These are going to be a huge hit: an iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S back replacement. Not a case, but a real mirror that replaces your current iPhone's back cover. And they are only £20 plus shipping! Read More >>


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