Nissan's Smart Rearview Mirror Isn't Blinded by Passengers or Cargo

Have you ever been hesitant to over-pack a vehicle with luggage or passengers because it would obscure the sightline for your rearview mirror? Nissan's Smart rearview mirror solves that problem by alternately displaying a live video feed from a camera mounted on the back of the vehicle. Read More >>

Lasers Create Ultra-Lightweight Mirrors from Polystyrene Beads

It's much easier for a telescope to see deep into the universe when it doesn't have to peer through the Earth's atmosphere, but getting them into space is expensive. There is a much cheaper solution, though, as researchers have actually found a way to make incredibly light mirrors using lasers and polystyrene beads. Read More >>

Explore the Extraordinary, Glittering Infinity Rooms of Yayoi Kusama

Judging by the long lines that have snaked around Chelsea's David Zwirner gallery this week, it seems that New York has found its next big blockbuster art installation: I Who Have Arrived in Heaven, a spectacular and psychologically intense show by 84-year-old Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama—we got a chance to film inside. Read More >>

Feeding Digital Images Through This Mirror Will Warp Your Mind

There's a lot of lore about what we see in mirrors, or what happens if we go through the looking glass. This vaguely sinister app offers some control of the situation. Unsigned Mirror is an openFrameworks Windows and Mac app written by the art and technology group Unsigned Long Long. Read More >>

Simple Optics Make This Clever Mirror Much Easier to Share

If everyone in your home is constantly jockeying for position at the bathroom mirror as they get ready for the day, you might want to consider an upgrade to this clever alternative dubbed the mirror #180 by its creators at halb/halb. What makes it special is a split down the middle with each side angled slightly away from each other, giving two people standing next to each other private views of their own reflections. Read More >>

See The Glass Half Full In This Underwater Mirror

Joe Doucet's circular mirror isn't water-logged for nothing. He designed it as a reminder of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy in New York (where his studio is) and generally on the east coast of the USA. Read More >>

This Smart Mirror Lights Up at Your Very Presence

You're so beautiful. That is, at least according to Simple Human's newest sensor mirror that automatically lights up when it sees your face. Read More >>

This Smokestack Looks Like It's Sliced Up and Floating In Mid-Air

Normally you might consider a smokestack to be something of an eye-sore, but this "Sky Stack" Is very much the opposite. With parts of it seemingly missing, the whole thing turns into an awesome fixture. Read More >>

These Crazy Light Patterns Stretch On to Infinity

Mirrors can be for so much more than just gawking at your slack-jawed mug first thing in the morning. They can, for example, be used to give the illusion that towering designs made of light reach out past you, to an indeterminable vanishing point seemingly so distant as to be infinitely far. That second one is what Carsten Nicolai is into. Read More >>

Prism Glasses Let You Read While Lying Down at the Cost of Looking Like an Idiot

The hardest part of reading (besides the big, scary words) is finding a remotely comfortable way to sit, or lie, while doing it. These crazy prism glasses will add "lying on your back" to the list of options, but you'll look stupid. Read More >>

Sadly, This Photoshop Mirror Doesn't Include a Magic Wand Tool For Baggy Eyes

If only getting ready in the morning was as easy as opening Photoshop and going to town on your face with its myriad of correction tools. That's the tantalising dream this Retouch Mirror from Atypyk promises, but doesn't deliver. Read More >>


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