Why Google Killing Google Voice Would be Fantastic

Brace yourself Google Voice fanboys, your treasured service is probably not long for this world. But don't you worry; the sooner it's dead the better we'll all be. Read More >>

Google Play Made it Slightly Harder to Blow Money on In-App Purchases

Good news for habitual in-app spenders (or their parents): Android Police says Google's newest Play store update lets you curb spending by requiring a password for every in-app upgrade. It may not actually stop you, but hopefully it'll make you stop and think. Maybe. Read More >>

Report: First U.S. Windows-Android Dual Boot Phones Will Arrive Spring

Dual booting is the latest mobile fad, and by all accounts it won't be long before it arrives: according to Huawei, the first examples will be available in the US as early as this spring. Read More >>

EE Crushes Vodafone in UK Mobile Network Speed and Reliability Tests

Mobile analyst Rootmetrics has been criss-crossing the country carrying out speed tests, sending texts and the like, coming to the conclusion that upstart network EE offers the best general connectivity in terms of speed and performance across the UK. Read More >>

Flappy Bird May Return, Along With Three New Casual Titles From its Maker

The maker of Flappy Bird has presumably been burning through his advertising revenue pretty quickly, as he's suggested in an interview that he may bring the nightmarish tapping game back to life -- and he's got three more games on the way too. Read More >>

PM Promises to Free Up White Space for "Internet of Things" and Invest in 5G Development

David Cameron has used a speech at CeBIT 2014 to talk about the "Internet of Things," suggesting that with Ofcom freeing up more parts of the UK's spectrum for commercial use our economy could benefit to the tune of £100bn by the year 2025. Read More >>

Hole-y Leaked HTC One Cover, Batman!

Always-reliable leak source @evleaks just tweeted this image purporting to show the next HTC One with a light-up hole-riddled cover of some sort. Will it be real? We'll just have to wait and see. Read More >>

Samsung's S Circle is a Rumoured Low-Power Fitness Band

Samsung could well have another form of sporty wearable to casually frisbee into the mix, with online sources uncovering a thing called the Samsung S Circle -- a supposed Bluetooth LE activity tracker for keeping tabs on how many times you've walked to the toilet in any given period. Read More >>

Apple Patents Emergency Alert That Calls the Police When You Can't

An Apple patent published today details a theoretical feature that would enable your mobile device to detect an emergency and alert your designated contacts or the police. And y'know what? It actually makes a lot of sense. Read More >>

Cone: A Speaker That Knows What You Want to Hear Before You Do

Music is personal. It's tied to our identities, our emotions, even our friends. So the idea that a complex algorithm could make us smarter about music is counter-intuitive. The creators of Cone, a wireless speaker that learns what you like and builds on it, think they've cracked the code. Read More >>

Report: First Dual-Boot Windows and Android Phones Coming This Year

Recently there's been a push to have PCs dual booting with Android and Windows, and it seems that may soon extend to phones. Reports suggest that the first Windows Phone-Android dual booting handsets are coming this year. Read More >>

Apple CarPlay Steers iOS Into Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo Cars

Apple's iOS in the Car push has got a new name, and its first bunch of partner car manufacturers to go along with it. Apple's re-christened the service CarPlay, and it'll be launching in Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo dashboards. Read More >>

Boeing is Working on a Self-Destructing Phone for Spies

Government employees who rely on Blackberry's famously secure encryption might have another phone to choose from some day soon: Myce reports that Boeing has filed papers with the FCC for a phone that self-destructs if you tamper with it. It's called the Boeing Black, of course. Read More >>

Will Wearables Spread Your Data Around Like a Disease?

You used to be able to escape technology. Turn off the laptop, unplug the phone, put the mobile under a cushion or lock yourself in the shed to disconnect, but now? Your data is right there, taped to your hand or face, constantly broadcasting the minutiae of your life. Read More >>

This Network-in-a-Backpack Will Connect People in Disaster Areas

This backpack may not look much, but it has impressive hidden depths: it contains all the kit you need to establish an ad hoc mobile network in just ten minutes—perfect for those working in disaster areas. Read More >>

Intel Outs 64-bit Mobile Processor and Graphs to Prove its Power

If we believe the evidence provided by Intel's own in-house benchmarking, the chip-maker's forthcoming dual-core Merrifield Atom series is going to be the one to have inside your glossy rectangle in Q3 of 2014 -- managing to outperform Apple's A7 64-bit brain. Read More >>

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