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By Brent Rose on at

Hands-On Intel's Latest, Bestest Stab at Mobile Processing

The Medfield codename invoked strange Cloverfield associations for me. Would Intel's first serious mobile chip be a monster that destroys absolutely everything in its path? Well, the dust has cleared, and we have the Atom Z2460. It's not going to crush everything else, but it looks damn decent.

Foursquare's Now All About Discovery

By Andrew Tarantola on at

Foursquare's undergone something of a Renaissance over the last few weeks—packing on new features like Radar and unlockable badge levels. Now, the social-mobile site is shifting its focus away from check-ins and towards exploration while optimising the site for tablets.

The OmniTouch Makes Any Surface Interactive

By Andrew Tarantola on at

For all the power and connectivity that modern mobile devices offer these days, why are we still typing on screens (or, God forbid, numerical pads) barely three fingers wide? A new wearable GUI system aims to turn any surface within arm's reach into an input device.