Moov Might be the Most Advanced Fitness Wearable Yet

As you may have noticed, there are a million activity trackers out there right now. Most of them are glorified pedometers. The upper tier add altimeters, heart rate monitors, and sleep-tracking to the equation. But what if you don't just want to be reminded to work out: you want to work out better, safer, and more efficiently? Moov might just be the AI coach you've been hoping for. Read More >>

You Might Actually Be Able to Afford a 4K Monitor Soon

These days, any mention of 4K immediately conjures up images of crystal-clear definition—-and absurdly exorbitant price tags. Well, that's quickly changing. Read More >>

I Want Samsung's First Curved Monitor (to be More Awesome)

Usually when you think of curved screens you think of a bunch of curved televisions lined up in a row to create a cinematic experience. Curved monitors, though, open the door for better gaming and super-power-user computing. Read More >>

How to Build an Amazing Secret Monitor Only You Can See

Dealing with sensitive numbers in a top secret Excel spreadsheet? Reading classified documents that you don't want people to see? Or most likely, exploring the more salacious parts of the Internet and don't want to be thought of as a creep? Follow these instructions that show you how to create an awesome secret monitor only you can see. Read More >>

LG Lugging Massive 29-Inch, Super-Wide, All-in-One PC to IFA

LG is gradually moving into the super-wide territory that Philips used to occupy, announcing a new range of 21:9 aspect ratio monitors -- and one that goes all the way into all-in-one PC territory. Read More >>

This Is a Work Station Fit For an Emperor

This, as you might be able to tell, is no normal desk set-up. Designed to provide the ultimate in both comfort and productivity, we introduce to you the MWE Lab Emperor 1510 LX work station — and if you have to ask how much it costs, you probably can't afford it. Read More >>

Does Apple Have a Brand-New Super-Skinny Thunderbolt Display Incoming?

The rumourmongers are at it again. It looks like supplies of Apple's monster, £900 27-inch Thunderbolt display are selling out across the US, and stocks are even running low in the UK too. Does this mean Apple's about to spit out a new, super-skinny iMac-like display? Read More >>

Sharp's 32-Inch 4K Igzo Monitor Might Be What Turns All the 4K Hype into a Real Thing

Sharp is showing off its Igzo 4K monitor at CES, but so what—everyone's showing off a 4K something or other. Except Sharp's actually getting ready to sell these things. Read More >>

LG Stretches Itself Open to Reveal 21:9 Monitor

LG’s EA93 monitor is what the tech maker claims is the first 21:9 aspect ratio monitor the world has ever seen, and a quick Google Shopping search appears to confirm that to be the case. Read More >>

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Watch LG Use IPS Displays to Trick Elevator Passengers Into Thinking They're About to Die

There's nothing quite like a good prank, and what prank is better than convincing innocent people that they are about to meet their bitter, messy end? That's the path LG went down for this ad, where they use IPS displays to fool people—however briefly—that an elevator's floor is falling out from beneath them. Read More >>

10 Future-Proof Gadgets You'll Still Love Next Year

When it comes to tech shopping, sometimes it pays to wait for a new-and-improved model. But this Autumn, too much procrastination will turn you into a high-tech Hamlet wondering whether to be or not to be a Galaxy S III owner while your digital Denmark rots. Here are 10 products you can pull the trigger on today, without regretting your decision six months or a year from now when the next big thing arrives. Read More >>

I Want This Gorgeous Mega-Widescreen Monitor Right Now

So far, Sony and Samsung have dominated IFA with a torrent of magical TVs and new phones. But quietly, LG is showing off one of the coolest monitors we've ever seen. Read More >>

LG's IPS Personal TV is Also Your Next New Monitor

LG has once again announced something big and with a screen on the front of it, updating its range of "Personal TV" displays to include a couple of newer models with IPS tech inside. Read More >>

You Can Buy This 42-Inch Reference Monitor, Or Two Brand New Cars

You can go on and on about how great the flatscreen TV in your home theater is, but I guarantee it won't hold a candle to the image, brightness, and colour quality of Dolby's £26,000-odd reference monitor. Read More >>

How Many Monitors Is Too Many?

At Giz, many of us are fans of the multi-monitor set-up. It's not surprising: it lets us simultaneously keep an eye on breaking news, email, our writing and graphics, too. But is there a limit to how useful multiple monitors can be? Read More >>

Why Is Samsung's New Monitor More Expensive Than an Apple Thunderbolt Display?

In about a week, there's gonna be a firehose of gadgets coming at you, and let's hope they're all as easy on the eyes as these early arrivers from Samsung, especially the monstrously expensive but apparently very good Series 9 Monitor. Read More >>


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