'My Monopoly' Lets You Name Your Own Properties on a Custom Board

Bond Street, Mayfair, and even Old Kent Road are all iconic properties on the world's most popular board game. But what if you wanted to play a game of Monopoly with locales you were actually familiar with? A simple Sharpie is one solution, but so is Hasbro's My Monopoly game. It lets you create a custom board online—with graphics and properties of your choosing—that's then delivered right to your door. Read More >>

Man Discovers Giant Monopoly Board Hidden Under His Carpet

What's the best thing you've ever found when cleaning up your house? I found a long-lost fiver down the arm of the sofa the other day, which I was able to retrieve after some careful biscuit-crumb archaeological work. But a man-sized Monopoly board? That's something else. Read More >>

lightning review
New Monopoly Cat Board-Piece Review: Me-Ow

You may remember that earlier this year Monopoly announced its plans to sacrifice one of its beloved tokens in favour of adding some new blood. But it was ok! Because they were letting us (the internet) choose which icon of our childhood to kill and which hot young thing to replace it with. Given the options of a robot, helicopter, guitar, diamond ring, or cat, the internet chose the cat (because of course) and axed the iron. It was one hell of a trade. Read More >>

Monopoly Is Getting Rid of Jail. That's Some Bullshit. (Updated)

Say goodbye to one of the few remaining cornerstones of childhood. The Monopoly board as we know it is being tossed to the wayside in favour of a version Hasbro believes will appeal more today's swaggy youth. Time to welcome in the new age of chaos — because Monopoly is about to be coming to you totally jail-free. Read More >>

If Facebook Was a Board Game

You probably use Facebook too much and don't play board games enough. That's not right! But what if Facebook was a board game instead? How would it work? Graphic designer Pat C. Klein imagined Facebook as a board game and came up with some clever Monopoly-style rules. Read More >>

Have You Been Playing Monopoly Wrong All These Years?

No one likes reading the damn manual, which has apparently meant that legions of people have been playing Monopoly wrong, missing one crucial rule that's meant to prevent the game running for so flaming long. Have you? Read More >>

Monopoly's Iron Token Is Dead, Long Live the Cat

Hasbro took a vote, and the internet has spoken. The ballots have been counted, and the people have said F the iron — the new Monopoly token will be a cat. Read More >>

Modern Monopoly Highlights the Shame of Today's UK High Street

A Tesco. Another Tesco. A boarded up something, and another Tesco. That's what you can expect to see in this ultra-modern version of Monopoly, which takes inspiration from the depressing lows of today's miserable, recession-hit society. Read More >>

Vote Which Monopoly Token Should Keep Passing Go

Say goodbye to your childhood. In order to herald in an age of change, Hasbro's "Save Your Token" campaign is asking you to pick which memory of your youth you'd like to watch fade to nothingness. Read More >>

Celebrate Computer Science While You Play Alan Turing Monopoly

While most new Monopoly sets desperately try to keep up with the times — swapping cash for credit cards or using circular boards — here's one which celebrates the past. Now you can play the property-trading game while celebrating the life of the father of computer science, Alan Turing. Read More >>

ipad apps
Why Is There an iPad In the Middle Of My Monopoly Board?

Even though they've already sold millions and millions of copies, Hasbro feels that Monopoly, Battleship and The Game of Life needed a 21st century makeover. So its created these zAPPed versions that incorporate gameplay elements into your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Read More >>


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