monster machines
Russian Man Uses 3D-Modelling to Design This Mini Monster Truck

According to English Russia, a Russian man designed this car using 3D-modelling software for the outer look and the suspension. Then he and his friends got a Nissan Maxima "as a source for some parts" and built it. Looks like an all-terrain batmobile to me. Read More >>

A Timelapse of a Massive Turbofan's Blades Being Installed by Hand

GE's monster, GEnx turbofan is a marvel of modern tech that completely changed conventional turbofan design. But just because it creates a massive amount of pressure by actually containing burning air and fuel in the combustor itself doesn't mean its not still a labour of love. As you can see in GE's timelapse above, each massive, efficient blade is lovingly installed by hand. Read More >>

This Is World's Largest Super Collider That Never Was

The Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva is 17 miles (27 kilometers) long. It's an incredible machine capable of releasing 14 TeV (Tera-electronvolts) of energy, which gave the Europeans the lead in experimental physics. But back in the early 80s, there was going to be another beast that could have obliterated the LHC's record figures right here in the USA: the Desertron. Read More >>

Aptly-Named Titan Takes Supercomputer Crown

It's a hard life, being a supercomputer: in June 2012, just a paltry few months ago, IBM's Sequoia supercomputer was the awesome new kid on the block, calculating many millions of weird and wonderful things a second. Now, though, poor old IBM's been dethroned by the bigger and better - and more awesomely named - Titan. Read More >>


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