The Sonic Secrets That Bring Pixar's Latest Movie To Life

For a totally animated flick, it's the sound masters behind the scenes who are really responsible for bringing a movie to life—every squeal, sigh, and clunk is key. Thanks to the people over at SoundWorks, we get to see (and hear) the steps it took to give a literal voice to Pixar's newest film, Monsters University. Read More >>

It Takes a Small Artistic Army to Bring a Pixar Film To Life

Monsters Inc blew more than a few minds when it premiered in 2001. Sully's coat comprised a million rendered hairs, and Boo's oversized pink shirt moved with such a natural flow it appeared nearly life-like to audiences. And while advances in technology during the twelve years between the original film and the prequel—premiering in June—will provide another jaw-dropping visual experience, Monsters University was no less challenging to make. Read More >>

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The New Monsters University Trailer Shows Pixar Is Back With Scary Vengeance

Is it me, or have Pixar's movies been a little less than stellar of late, short of Toy Story 3, of course? Anyway, that looks like it's going to change. The Monsters are back, and if this awesome Monsters University trailer is anything to go by, it's going to just as great as the classic, Monsters Inc. Read More >>


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